I am 28 this year

Birthdays. Birthdays are a time where u make demands, act silly, do whatever u want to... and people will give in to u coz it's YOUR ( plus all the other folks who happen to be born on the same day) DAY!. Birthdays are the best excuse to meet up with family and friends for a good meal... and be jolly. Birthdays are also often a time where people begin to reflect on what they have been tru the past year (or even their whole life) .... be it good or bad. I turned 28 last weekend. I did all the above except the reflecting bit. Maybe I will do it in here... and let you guys shake your heads at my less than interesting life. Being 28 means... in no time, I will be 30. Looking back... I have nothing to be proud of. After working for close to 6 years... I am still a puny executive, with a puny bank acct. At 28, I have no assets, maybe 'cept for my husband. The rest are all my car.... and many other things in my life. At 28, I have spent about one-ninth

Time to take stock...

Just watched the fund raising show by Mediacorp... for the peops in China...who lost their loved ones in the 512 earthquake. Well.... firstly.... kudos to media corp... and all artises who participated in this program. For a program of this scale to take flight in a matter of two weeks or less... it hard work. I supposed... as long as there is the will the help...nothing is impossible. And, this is as little as we can do... to help the people in need. Really... no amount of money can take away the pain of the many who are left all alone... with their loved ones all perishing from this natural disaster. The pictures you see.... and the stories the frontliners tell on national TV.... has tugged on many's heartstrings.... including mine. It is also time for us... the more fortunate ones... to be living in an area free from natural disaster to take stock of what we have in out lives. We have very often complained of the little things that are happening in our lives... like not wantin

Quadraple whammy

First it was a cold, then came the fever.... when I thought it was finally over, I became constipated. In bid to relieve my pain.... Hwa gave me some laxatives which was supposed to be "gentle on the bowels". Well... I have since learnt never to believe watever the packaging says... coz it's all bullshit. Constipation soon (and I mean really soon... like 5 mins...) turned into diarrhoea! That wasn't all.... the whole day on labour day.... when it is a bright and sunny day.... when I shud really be @ the beach.... I was visiting the toilet, everytime i try to put food into my mouth. That's how powerful Hwa's "elixir" !!!! Even at this every min.... i can feel my stomach churning.... Anyway.... Coach has their new Ergo range out... and they are just too tempting! I want!!! See more on Anyone wants to buy for me? Pretty please!!! ??

Nestle + expresso =??

Nespresso! Saw this cute expresso machine @ one the the research agency we are working with. Feel in love with it instantly. Have seen many such machines before, but this is the most compact and cute one I have seen so far! Easy to order capsules... makes it even for appealing! :) My next costly buy?...Maybe.... Maybe not....

Responsibilities of a modern woman

Someone commented on how she sometimes admires me on how I shoulder my various responsibilities. Well... I am flattered, and obviously take it as a compliment. But, really… there is an internal struggle every single day to want to do things that I really love. I adore my family. This makes me try to get myself involved in their activities, to support them in whatever way possible, as long as it is within my means. This, Hwa always says I give too much and take too little… esp. when it is obvious mum loves bro so much more. Guess, it does not matter to me as much, though it hurts once in a while, as long as they are happy. I believe God sees it…and that’s adequate. I dun know when it started…. I am by nature quite a self centred person. But when my family is in need… I will avail myself whatever it takes. Well…. This sounds like self-praise… trust me it is not. Given a choice, I truly want to do so many more things. Then there is my OTHER family…. My live-in family. Living with so

Woman as a commodity

A man in his 40s is desperate to get a wife... in what the chinese say to "chuan zhong jie dai". He has been searching in vain for a wife for the past many years. It does not take much to guess that he is probably a blue collared worker, with little or even no education. Life for him as he aged was also probably not easy, with his parents all passed away. Then, what choice does he have, but to seek "greener pastures" in a foreign land. The man registered @ an agency, and he was brought into a room with girls and women or different ages, all lined up for his selection. This garners up an image of a "fish tank" in nightclubs.... just that this is with more decency. The man was shy... so all he did was look at the women's feet, and picked his bride. Well.... I never liked the idea of Singaporean men going to foreign lands to look for a wife. It makes the women folk appear to me like goods... and to make matters worst... some of these agencies actually