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AIA Vitality Challenge - Tracking those calories

Ever since giving birth to the boy, not only has my figure gone out of shape, but my metabolism has also gotten a little out of whack. It’s been tough trying to lose that extra 7kg in the last 2 years as unfortunately, I am one of the not-so-lucky ladies who don't shed kilos very easily. In fact, it has become harder over the years. 

Staying healthy with AIA Vitality

How many of us have often taken our health and wellness for granted? I certainly have! Even when I had received a letter of postponement for an insurance policy I was trying to purchase, I took things lightly. I thought, "Six months down the road when they (the insurance company) review my application, I just need to ensure I eat right, stress less and I will pass the medical examinations without a hitch". Then the unexpected happened. You know all those advertisements insurers put up that warn about how you need to ensure your loved ones are not financially burdened if you were to pass on? You think those are scare tactics? Let me tell you... what I went through was like bringing those advertisements to life! I had a tubal pregnancy and was hemorrhaging  - my life was on the line. My condition was not only taxing on my physical health, but also, on my mental health. I certainly would not have passed my medical examination if my insurance application was up for r

How much does my child eat?

J on most days, is a really good eater. Since infancy, he has a ferocious appetite, so much so that it's one of the reasons I gave up breast feeding in the earlier months. Yup, I wasn't able to keep up. He still eats well, but as he gets ingrained in the terrible twos, getting him to eat when he doesn't want to is like forcing poison down his throat.  On good days, he is able to finish the following , and will still ask for more.