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Looking forward: Lessons from 2015

The year is coming to an end, and in my usual fashion, this is when we stop in our tracks, look back and decide if we had a fantastic year or totally hate it. When 2014 closed, I was looking forward to 2015 and welcoming it with open arms as I thought things at work were starting to become stable, and I can spend some time on J and of course our IVF journey. There were unexpected changes in the start of the year, and then it became a period of understanding, adapting, learning and lots of stress.

4th SO-IUI cycle for number 2

This is our 4th insemination cycle trying for number 2, the 3rd after the ectopic pregnancy. It took us a few months in between before deciding to try another time for reasons that some of you may be familar with.  Fear.

Turning to the one we love

The blog hasn't received any love recently, and some of you might know why. The past 3 weeks have been one of the toughest periods I have encountered on all fronts, especially at work. As with all jobs, comes varying levels of stress at different periods of time. However, when the job has to be managed with mummy responsibilities, endless chores plus other health matters, the weight of the world seemed to have just landed on my shoulders.