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Day in a A Life: Weekend Fun

I have been doing this working mama gig for about 3 years now, and really,   my weekdays are not the most interesting. Weekends on the other hand are different, especially so now that the man needs to work on shifts. This means on some weekends, it's solo parenting for me, and also an opportunity to spend 1-to-1 time with my cheeky monkey. Here's how one of my solo parenting Sunday looked like:

New week, new beginning

It was one exhausting week for this mummy. I had to not only deal with a whiny boy who was down with stomach flu, I had a hubby who was equally sick (and super busy @ work) , and an even more than sick me. So it was triple the puke and triple the pain all around. To top it up, J was also put into a brand new environment - new school with no friends and I had to deal with all his insecurities which he displayed with tantrums, hunger strikes (only at home) and ultra stickiness. Well, I blogged about this whole changing school business, and let me just say, I have half the mind to move him out , and back to the previous school if need be. That I will cover in another post hopefully later this week. I took leave last friday as school was closed for Teachers’ Day, and badly wanted to do a mother-son outting which I have not done in ages. But, I seriously needed to just sleep and maybe sneak in a mani/pedi in between. Grand plans were hit by some really sticky, saliva smelling

an interesting journey?

Thanks to Bear, we managed to snag a couple of complimentary tics to " Voyage de la Vie " .  Always had the intention to watch it, but since it is the resident theatrical show @ RWS, I thought... what's the hurry. Well...since I have never watched any other mega scale circus such as Cirque du Soleil, neither did I take the trouble to read any reviews on the show... hence, I pretty much did not have any expectations. It was already a bonus that Hwa was willing to go for the show with me on a "schoolnight". :) We were sitting at the front few rows... and when the show started... we were pleasantly surprised by how the the cast "mingled" with the audience when they made their entrance, although I secretly wished they will leave me alone. Voyage de la Vie, in french means " Journey of Life", where it depicts the story of Boy (Jonathan Leong) and his experience while growing up. I loved the set and the pyrotechnics. I loved the gymnastics perfo


I have always wanted to blog about how i've got lots of techie stuff lying around in my house , and it's truly a wonder why hubz is not an engineer of some sort. Well... just doing a mental scan of my house now, I have got 2 e-books (nook and kindle), 4 portable hard-drives,  4  digital cameras,, 4 wireless mouse.... ermm... 1 ds lite, 1 psp, x-box kinect... and these only makes up the tip of the iceberg. Hubz' love of all things techie is beyond my comprehension, just like how he cannot understand why I am constantly browsing, and how my eyes light up at the sight of Gucci, Agnes B, Coach, Kate Spade and the list goes on. I guess I stand to be the major beneficiary of his interest, thus should not be complaining... however, I often get pangs of guilt for not being able to fully appreciate the beauty of these toys. Other than the iPad, and now my MacBook Pro... all other gadgets he got for me have been banished to the cold palace... like my DS Lite and possib

Rochester Park

I was at Rochester Park twice in a week… Love the place. Away from the maddening crowd in town.   I was invited to a mixed wedding @ 9 Rochester Park , Krish. When i got the invitation… was looking forward to it loads. Partly because I have not been to Rochester park… but also I love weddings especially when it’s not the boring hotel sit-down ones.   Krish has a very large outdoor bar in a very serene and prettily manicured lawn. The unique furniture and natural setting gave the wedding a very heartwarming feel.   Famliy were seated in the restaurant, and had their 4 course dinner served at their tables…. while the outdoors were for friends and dinner was served in a buffet line, it is really fine by us as we were pampered with free flow of champagne, wine, beer and Krish’s house cocktail.  However, the buffet line was pretty much empty till about 9.45pm… which got many of us quite upset as we were famished by then. Other than this minor hiccup… the food was actually qui

Doing nothing...

Got up bright and early this morning... Hopped over the causeway (well I guess more accurately...rode in a car rather than hop)... And this is where I am sitting... Reading and enjoying my much needed coffee while waiting for hubz to be done with his team-building arrangements at Mercure Johor. If only we can do this more often... Great time to clear the mind. Anyway... Realised I have been tardy with my updates here... And have so much to catch-up...oh well... Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Geeky toy

Yup! Hubz got us an iPad after I raved at how cool it was to look at pictures on it. This was after having a sneak peek at it from jojo! Well... I have always knew how cool apple products are, but never quite owned one. I was one of those who stood firm on my loyalty for the BB, hence when everyone went mad at the launch of iPhone 3GS, I stayed clear. One reason is that my fat fingers can't seem to work well with the iPhone. The iPad solved that problem of mine especially when we turn it to a landscape mode, I can type quite smoothly like I am at my lappy. I am actually typing this post wholly using my iPad, and doing this quite smoothly too! While there are limited local apps for iPad , I love how I can quickly access information without waiting for it to load, unlike my lappy.... Perfect for someone like me who cannot live without the internet! I am enjoying every bit of the iPad, although I dun think I will ever give up my beloved lappy as I love being my old fashioned

inspired to be an iron(wo)man?

As my third Aviva Ironman 70.3 as a spectator came to a close, I get that familiar feeling which i had exactly a year ago. I recall changing into my exercise gear and headed out for jog right after i returned home from the Ironman last year.  I was extremely inspired… and told myself I wanted to start running… and eventually take part in a women’s run. Well… i did take part in the GE run…but i was coerced into it. This year… i am inspired again,… this time, I am thinking if i should pick up competitive distance swimming. Hmm… but that would mean I’ve got to start my training like now. While I stood by the swim start, watching the participants  run down the sandy beach into the sea for their swim…. i do wish i can be like them. But then, when i saw how exhausted some of them were after the first leg… i started to have second thoughts. Inspired?  I definitely am. Gamed enuff? Maybe not. Let’s stick to running for now… 10km next….

my first run

Yup… took part in my first ever “mass” run this morning. Well, I signed up for the 5km… not the 10km one, but i thought it is a really good start. Running in an event like this was not as easy as i thought especially when some people were really there just to have a fun morning out. Hence for those who really wanted to test their speed and endurance would find this course slightly hard to go by. I found myself having to slow down now and then to maneuver past those who were strolling. Perhaps there should have been a rule where those walking should keep to the left and leave the path ahead clear for those who wanted to run. Well.. other than this, I thoroughly enjoyed the jog. Did not stop to walk at any point. and it helps a great deal to have someone to pace you. So, thanks to my colleague SW. I think I managed to finish 5km in about 45min… not ideal, but to me… someone who’s really never managed to complete her 2.4 in school… this is an amazing achievement. :)  The other thin

a recent favourite

Just finished 2 other twdrama series. Started with “A Game about Love” … led by Joe Chen and Sam Wang Shao Wei, and got quite impressed with Sam Wang. For those who don’t know who this guy is…. he makes up part of the idol group 5566, and also 183 Club. While he has been in the industry for a long time now, never took a second look…. and never thought much of him since his other group members always seem to outshine him. But, since watching this series… felt that he is charming in his own ways….and talented in many other ways…. dance lah, act lah, sing lah…. and now is an entrepreneur. Hence… I went on to watch “ The Prince who turned into a Frog” , and once again feel that Sam Wang may just be one of the not so fortunate ones to be the lead in everything he does…. and almost always play second fiddle to his group. But still…. my favourite for now…although a bit late…. (move aside Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom and JJ Lin!!!!!! hahaa!)--- I can see B2 rolling her eyes now! I am going

a new toy?

** tapping fingers on the table ** Been thinking of getting a brand new camera… the point & shoot kind… that gives us a manual option, with very close macros… yet not quite a DSLR. While DSLR is my ultimate dream… I don’t think I am quite there yet in terms of my photography skills. :) The new camera really is for urbannook… (haha… my excuse to get myself a new toy more like it!) Some options… Nikon Coolpix L100 Would love the P90… but i think it’s a bit too costly for my wimps and fancy…. hence thought the L100 fits the bill perfectly…. Sony Cyber-shot H20 A similar sony model to the nikon l100. Slightly more expensive, while i feel some specs are not as good as the l100. Canon Powershot SX120   LALALALA… Smaller and lighter… this one? Hmmmm…… *taps fingers*

a new past time

During one of those saturday nights when Hubz had his frens over for mahjong, i decided to rummage through BIL’s taiwan drama collection. Here I mean the idol kind… with good looking lead male and female artiste. Not those long winded soap operas like 爱 that airs every weekend. Anyway… i did that just to past time on a lonely sat night, while working on some pieces of jewellery for urbannook. I started on “Why Why Love” (換換愛)… A romantic comedy about a girl, Tong Jia Di,  burdened with work to pay off her family’s debts… yet needs more to life than that. Hence, her best friend sneaks in a “Love” coupon into Jia Di's raffle box with the hope that a lucky guy will draw it become Jia Di’s prince. As it so happens, Huo Yan, the compassionate manager Jia Di has secret crush on, is the lucky guy who she affections calls 第10个男生. But, tho' the prince can exchange the coupon for Cinderella's love, it doesn't mean he will, especially when his devilish younger brother is deter