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Christmas gift Ideas for the girlfriends.

I made a list last year on 5 gift ideas for your girl friends . Well, this year, my list is longer and better! I love the season of giving, and always take pride in picking out gifts for my close girl-friends. I take the time to curate what 's out there and match them to what the girlies will like ( of what i think they will like). Sometimes, the simplest of gifts are the ones that they appreciate the most. Here's what I have curated so far...

An outlet away from daily routine

Some close knit friends and colleagues know me as the person who can make jewellery. Not a widely known fact by many, but at the moment I like it the way it is. How it started In 2009, I told my husband that I wanted to start my own online shop. Selling what, I didn't know. So, we took a trip to Bangkok, hit the wholesale market and came back with stuff. Literally S-T-U-F-F... everything and anything that we thought we could sell. As a marketer, on hindsight, what I did back then was a joke. No strategy, no goals... don't even know what we were selling. It was the point in my life where I needed something to keep me busy when I am not at work. The man had his x-box which he didn't seem tired of till this day. I had my dramas, but that wasn't enough. And of course, this was the time when we were actively trying to conceive to no avail. The website started.. and it is a full fledged e-commerce one no less. Thanks to the man for patiently and meticulously setting i

UrbanNook is back!

Yes! We are back... once again!  We are finally, slowly and surely bouncing back after an almost 2 year hiatus. Other than spending a considerable amount of time in our day jobs and going off to have a beautiful baby boy...we have found time  in between feeding & diapering,  to bring everyone a little surprise here and there.  As a start... we are now spotting a new logo! Don't you think it's pretty?!