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2016. I am glad you are leaving.

If I had to rate how 2016 was from a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is absolutely horrible, and 5 is perfect, I think I will barely make it to 1. No sugar coating at all, it was a biatch (if you all will just indulge my language on my family kinda blog).

Looking forward: Lessons from 2015

The year is coming to an end, and in my usual fashion, this is when we stop in our tracks, look back and decide if we had a fantastic year or totally hate it. When 2014 closed, I was looking forward to 2015 and welcoming it with open arms as I thought things at work were starting to become stable, and I can spend some time on J and of course our IVF journey. There were unexpected changes in the start of the year, and then it became a period of understanding, adapting, learning and lots of stress.

Letter to my 3 year old

Dear Jonas Bee, These days, one of mummy's favourite past time is to scroll through photos we took over your 3 years. I miss the times when you were super chubs, the times when I can cradle you in just one arm, and the times I can baby-wear you everywhere.

Goodbye April 2015

April was one hectic month, and I cannot be more glad that it is now officially over.

15 ways on how I embraced motherhood

#motherhood #growingup #parenting #funnyfacts When I was much younger, I knew that even if I did not know where my career leads me to, I want to be a mother.