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Looking forward: Lessons from 2015

The year is coming to an end, and in my usual fashion, this is when we stop in our tracks, look back and decide if we had a fantastic year or totally hate it. When 2014 closed, I was looking forward to 2015 and welcoming it with open arms as I thought things at work were starting to become stable, and I can spend some time on J and of course our IVF journey. There were unexpected changes in the start of the year, and then it became a period of understanding, adapting, learning and lots of stress.

1st FET Failed: Another baby hope dashed...

... right before Christmas. Source After our successful stimulated cycle and retrieva l, we took a break at the suggestion of our doctor. We agreed that we will get the transfer done 3 months later (which is November). While waiting, I decided to get my health or rather system back on track by going for acupuncture. We have always heard it helps to "tiao" our bodies and can be extremely helpful in increasing success rates of IVF.

Current state of mind

Today, as I write this in the still of the night, my tears are flowing. I am a crybaby alright! I always see my tears as a weakness, so I always try to hide them behind a smile. However, like the clouds,there are days when the tears just cannot be held back any longer and they flow like the rain. Earlier this year, I was promoted. It was, to me, a recognition of the sacrifices I have made and the decision I took to continue working even with a child. More so for leaving a job I so loved, to an industry I had at that time, no idea of what it stands for. a Brand New Week!!

After a lousy week of dealing with flu & migraine, as well as a flu-ey(& thus ultra fussy) baby, I am glad for a brand new week to work on what I have set out to do. Last week started with me having a bad sore throat that developed into flu. To top it up, my wisdom tooth gave me a week long migraine. It was really my body telling me that I needed to rest. It did not  help when Burger Boy had an allergy attack at the same time,  which came with cough, nasal congestion and rashes.  So dealing with these made me very exhuasted, and I took it out on the Hubz. I blamed him for not helping enough, for always leaving Burger Boy to me to care for. I even blamed him for making me fat with all those late night dinners he bought home.  Those mindless lashing at Hubz did not make me feel better especially when he tucked me into bed each night with a kiss. It make  me feel super lousy! And, whenever I see that cheeky smile on Burger Boy's face despite being unwell, made me guilty fo

renewed optimism

After a year's hiatus from regularly visiting my gynae, we finally decided it was time to re-start that routine. It is not always something I enjoy, given each visit usually takes up about 2 to 3 hours. Well... as in previous posts... I am embracing this TTC journey with renewed optimism... so why not share this " (re)new(ed) journey" here. After 2 rounds of clomid and a laproscopy... we thought we should probably start on what's naturally the next course of action, which is SuperOvulation (SO) and possible intrauterine insemination (IUI).  So our visit to Dr F last satty was just to do some routine checks... in case during the course of the previous year, some weird stuff have started to grow in me... also to prepare him for our intentions. My womb was given a good bill of health (Yay!!)... and to our pleasant surprise... Dr F found a little follicle growing. As I was in day 10 of my cycle... we were all quietly excited and secretly hoping that this little bud will

merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I know i have been pretty quiet both on FB and here for the past few weeks...been trying to make some changes, and adjusting to them. When i made the decision to move from Aviva to my current job, i have in some way made my christmas wish(es). I want to change the way i live my life .... i want to be able to spend more time @ home, doing the things i love. So far, the past few weeks seem quite promising , so let's see how i go from here. Other than changing jobs, we've got a new member in the family. Mum has let go of Vespa's passing, and opened her heart to accepting a new dog. We adopted and welcomed Mickey , the mini maltese to our home. I've also made baby steps to re-visit my plans for UrbanNook. I have put my maiden business in cold storage for about 9 months now. It is about time squeeze some time out of my daily schedule to fulfill my dreams. SO.. here's doing a little advertisement... there will be new stock coming in in Ja

goodbye yellow...

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”  ~Lazurus Long I have made the decision more than a month back to leave my present job for another. This is probably one of the hardest decision I have made in my career so far. I love my job…I love the opportunities given to me, the trust people in the office have in me. I love the people….and the chemistry the team has. Then everyone starts asking… if i like whatever that’s going on…why do i then want to leave? My answer? Hope . Hope that with the change, I will start having the time to do the things I have always wanted. Hope that the new environment will help me attain the things I dream of...and Hope that I can slow my pace down… and start enjoying the world around me. I know this sounds quite ridiculous to some… and many have the other view that jumping into some place new … also brings about an equal and even greater stress than staying in a place of familiarity. Like what I have said to people around me


Something I am quite proud of and would love that teeny weeny bit of recognition is the fact that I worked on launching an FB page for my current company. Social Media, while quickly taking over and finding its way into many marketing teams’ plans, it is still a medium that is shunned by many others, especially so in the industry I am in. There are concerns echoing in the organisation about how well we will do this, and whether or not it will backfire etc. One month on…results on the page seems encouraging and has in fact created waves in the company. I am so sure FB will be a main medium of communication in the months ahead. Having said that, no matter how big or small, everyone wants to be recognised for something…. but i think we are often shy to stand up and tell people that we deserve recognition… and most people needs that little bit of push to open up and share their untold stories. Well… the campaign currently running on   - “ What do you want to

I want these…

Was out with Bestie this evening… and tried these on  @ Warehouse. Love love love them… and I honestly think i look damn good in them! Hahahahahaah!

inspired to be an iron(wo)man?

As my third Aviva Ironman 70.3 as a spectator came to a close, I get that familiar feeling which i had exactly a year ago. I recall changing into my exercise gear and headed out for jog right after i returned home from the Ironman last year.  I was extremely inspired… and told myself I wanted to start running… and eventually take part in a women’s run. Well… i did take part in the GE run…but i was coerced into it. This year… i am inspired again,… this time, I am thinking if i should pick up competitive distance swimming. Hmm… but that would mean I’ve got to start my training like now. While I stood by the swim start, watching the participants  run down the sandy beach into the sea for their swim…. i do wish i can be like them. But then, when i saw how exhausted some of them were after the first leg… i started to have second thoughts. Inspired?  I definitely am. Gamed enuff? Maybe not. Let’s stick to running for now… 10km next….

swim for a cause

No. I am not swimming for a cause…. but my neighbour @ work, who i sometimes endearingly refer to as my twin @ work…is. Aviva, my employer is once again sponsoring the Aviva Ironman 70.3 this year. With last year seeing quite few internal teams taking part in the corporate challenge, this year is no different. Not only are there more teams, but also more colleagues pushing past their comfort zones to participate as solos… meaning doing all three legs of the competition on their own. To put some icing onto this encouraging sight, some of my colleagues are racing for a cause. They have  selected charities of their choice, and we as their supporters can do our part  by donating to these charities. Well… as a member of the brand and marketing services team, i would have obviously done my part by donating to the charities that resonates closely to what I believe in… and that means supporting some pretty close colleagues. Having done that …. kinda used up my monthly “charity allowance”

a second try…

One thing I love about being a chinese is the chance to have a second try @ making new year’s resolutions. It’s always easy to erase the resolutions made on 1st Jan… and create new ones just to make myself feel better. Or rather… to pretend not having broken any resolutions made. I told myself to face challenges this year with optimism, and control stress in my best efforts. Barely 2 months into 2010, I have succumbed and started getting upset over the endless piles of rubbish called work. Can’t help wondering if I am at the right place, and if I am appreciated at all. A sudden, yet familiar urge subconsciously takes over. The urge of walking away to find myself. Anyway… hope the year of the tiger brings all that everyone hopes for. I wish it will be a year of hope & joy… :) Happy New Year… and i want to continue to face life with optimism! 

a new toy?

** tapping fingers on the table ** Been thinking of getting a brand new camera… the point & shoot kind… that gives us a manual option, with very close macros… yet not quite a DSLR. While DSLR is my ultimate dream… I don’t think I am quite there yet in terms of my photography skills. :) The new camera really is for urbannook… (haha… my excuse to get myself a new toy more like it!) Some options… Nikon Coolpix L100 Would love the P90… but i think it’s a bit too costly for my wimps and fancy…. hence thought the L100 fits the bill perfectly…. Sony Cyber-shot H20 A similar sony model to the nikon l100. Slightly more expensive, while i feel some specs are not as good as the l100. Canon Powershot SX120   LALALALA… Smaller and lighter… this one? Hmmmm…… *taps fingers*

going with the wind

While walking home from the train station, had lots on my mind. Saw a few bikes zoom pass me… and this brought back lots of memories for me. Memories of days when life was so much more simple… so much more carefree. Hubz & I used to go around everywhere on our humble super4. That’s our first vehicle together, and served us really well. Always looked forward to those nights when Hubz pick me up from work back to his home …… going against/with the wind, taking  away whatever troubles we had at that moment. Life was simple then…. work, home, sleep, eat….work again….home, sleep & eat. Work was simple… never needing to bring stuff back…. never finding myself embroiled in unnecessary office trouble. Progression takes away all simplicity… but sometimes i wonder if this is what i want. I am a simple person, with simple dreams…. yearning for that simple life. Give me back my super4 days.

I dream... therefore I will

Had dinner with a galfren on thursday night @ the Greenhouse Cafe (not sure if I got the name right). It's actually a florist, with a cafe serving up unique flower teas... and great dinner sets... all at affordable prices. The cafe accommodates only a few tables... which gives me a feeling that the owner set up this shop...purely to share her/his love for flowers.... and to share their own recipes with people who have the time to spend at their cafe. I love the greenhouse cafe. I remember... as a girl... other than badly wanting to be a crew... I had the dream of being an owner of a flower shop. Providing unique creations for numerous weddings... selling affordable flowers to those who have the same liking for flowers as me. I enjoy receiving flowers, of course would love to see people buying them to bring a smile of their loved ones. I also remember i have another dream. When I was in perth... i told myself... one day I will run and bake my own croissants, come up with my own past