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Packaged Tours with toddlers

Packaged tour with toddlers isn't so scary after all! Whenever we travel as a couple, we will do everything ourselves. From booking of our air tickets, to searching for boutique hotels, and planning the itinerary in detail. I enjoy every bit of holiday planning as that means there is something to look forward to. When we started to take our mothers out on holidays, we tried doing the planning as well. But, there will be things we want to see that does not interest them and vice versa. 

What's in my diaper bag...

Many friends and family members who have helped me carry my diaper bag before often say the same thing to me..."WAH! Why so heavy?!" I do admit my diaper bag is huge, and it is definitely not on the light side. Blame it on my kiasu-ness... rather than end up not having what I need when I need... it's best to just bring everything! Well... here's a peek into what's in my diaper bag, and I let you be the judge if I am bringing too much! My trusty MamaRoo Diaper bag. No zips to allow for easy access to things while on the go. I changed many bags before settling for MamaRoo. The size is just right for what I need to bring, and it does look quite chic to carry around! Well... to be honest, I feel I am running out of space... so perhaps that gives me excuse to look for a new bag.. (again?!... I hear the man exclaim.) of the essentials.  Diapers One thing I will never leave home without would be Burger boy's diapers, even if I am only g