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Week in life of a blogging mum

I started blogging more than 10 years ago, more to rant about daily ups and downs. Basically things that got me riled up and when I need an avenue to let it all out.  Then, it progressed to using the blog and different networks to help me do my day job as a marketer better, till I became a mother. This space slowly turned into our trove of memories.  We had a difficult time conceiving J, and he will likely be our only child. Hence, it is understandable that we want to create as much memories as we can so he is able to refer to this when he is older.   So. How do I keep up with all the recording? 

Jonas' birth story - an overdue post

Note: This post was first published on 28 May 2012, almost 2 weeks after J was born. When I agreed to jump onto the " Birth Stories " blog train by Owl's Well, I thought it will be nice to re-hash this story by adding in tidbits of information which we left out previously, as well as add in more pictures which I refused to share at first. Birth stories are really meant to be remembered. So, why not just jazz this post up right?  New edits are in red!   ****** We sometimes have to be careful with what we wish for. In my previous post, I mentioned I wished Dr Fong would order me to the hospital during my last visit with him. He did exactly that on 12 May 2012! ( I was due a week later. And, this was really my 39th week. While I was feeling all heavy and tired, I was hoping to enjoy our final week as a couple before J came. Both the man and I took leave a week earlier. Alas! J was too eager to join us!) 

If I were a time traveller...

If you can travel back in time, what would you do and where do you want to end up at?

Day in a A Life: Weekend Fun

I have been doing this working mama gig for about 3 years now, and really,   my weekdays are not the most interesting. Weekends on the other hand are different, especially so now that the man needs to work on shifts. This means on some weekends, it's solo parenting for me, and also an opportunity to spend 1-to-1 time with my cheeky monkey. Here's how one of my solo parenting Sunday looked like:

Bukit Batok Nature Park - Fun for Free SG

I have lived in the western part of Singapore almost all my life, and I am really proud to be a "westie"! There's so many fun things to do here, and some of them come at absolutely no cost! So, today, follow me and let me show you around  Bukit Batok Nature Park  - a hidden gem of the west.

How I manage being a Full Time Working Mum (FTWM)

"How do you manage without a helper and still find time to blog?" is one of the most common question I get since J entered our lives. Well, the answer really is... I sometimes don't know how I do it either. Some days I am a wreak, some days it's a breeze and most days to be honest, I struggle on many levels.