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[Perth Travel] Our first Airbnb experience with tips for a noob

We love to travel, evidently from the number of flights J has taken since he was born. About 11 times already? I know... kids these days are so lucky right? I also say. While we love to travel, we always try to keep our travels pocket friendly, and I tend to take my time to research the accommodation that's most suited for us, a family with a young kid (and sometimes with 2 old folks). When J was younger, we prefer 4 to 5 star establishments that's full service so we get access to food and all other amenities with ease. Now that he is older, we go for space since we do stay indoors quite a bit while on holiday plus we often pack food back for our meals, more so when we travel with nai nai and grandma.

Perth Trip 2010 – Final Instalment

I finally completed editing my favourite photos taken in Perth.   Sunset coast…. we spent  two days at a bed and breakfast at Sorrento. Not only was the property and our hosts fantastic…the beach and the view you get is simply breathtaking! Enjoyed the evening walks we took along the beach with the cool sea breeze and warm sunshine… if only we stayed there longer. :) The pic on the bottom right is Sorrento Bed and Breakfast which i just mentioned. The property is split into two levels, where the owners, Alan and Clodagh lived on the first storey, while the the second storey is kept exclusively for visitors like us. The bed was the cosier than most hotels i have stayed at… for the price we paid… we got so much more from staying here…. :) Rottnest Island… having lived in Perth for 3 years…. i have never stepped foot onto Rottnest. It is only now that i realised what I have missed! An almost untouched island… with soft white sand… and clear blue water… Love Love Love the sun an

Perth Trip 2010 – Part 2: Swan Valley Experience

First stop @ Houghton Wines Clear blue skies @ Houghton Wines…Lovely! One of the best apple pies I have ever tasted Chocs galore @ Margaret River Chocolate Company Yum Yummy Gelato @ Margaret River Chocolate Company         Love this pic taken at Sandalford Wines…

Perth Trip 2010 – Part 1…

  Ok.. as promised, here’s moi update on what I would define as a pretty “unhappening” holiday. Well… but we don’t always need an activity packed holiday all the time yah? It is sometimes the simple things in life that counts?!   We landed in the western shores of koala land mid-afternoon, and by the time we sorted ourselves out with the car and hotel , it was already 4-ish…We decided  to check into an airport hotel and settle for whatever food we can find around the area.   Formule 1 Perth Hotel , is part of Accor Hotels… but don’t expect any great service or luxury from this establishment… rooms are tiny …. bathrooms even tinier… I actually wouldn’t find myself here for more than one night…   Dinner on day 1 was much better compared to our bed… I decided to  bring Hwa for authentic Vietnamese fare @ my fav Trah Vinh… ermm… cud not find it… so ended up at Viet Hoa instead. Still a pretty decent choice…and had my tummy filled with their mixed beef pho! *Slurp*