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Nail Repair with QueenBee with Giveaway.

I have very brittle nails and it gets worse after I attempt to peel off my gelish nail colour.

Ok. Don't ask me why I peel my gelish off. LOL! I am just lazy la.

That said, it often irritates me whenever my nail cracks because it peels around the tips and it is almost always inevitable that I will need to clip them off.

Clipping my nails off would then mean any nail art and colour will not look as chic.

Then when I was asked to try QueenBEE Secrets' products, I was intrigued by their  "QueenBEE Secrets Repair" as it claims to repair weak fingernails. So, I zeroed in on seeing if it works.

The Special Bear - there's perfection in imperfections

We all live in a multi-racial, multi cultural country. 
Apart from racial, cultural and religious diversity, we will at some point, often or not encounter people who are different from ourselves. 
Different isn't bad. We know that.