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[Perth Travel] Our first Airbnb experience with tips for a noob

We love to travel, evidently from the number of flights J has taken since he was born. About 11 times already? I know... kids these days are so lucky right? I also say.

While we love to travel, we always try to keep our travels pocket friendly, and I tend to take my time to research the accommodation that's most suited for us, a family with a young kid (and sometimes with 2 old folks).

When J was younger, we prefer 4 to 5 star establishments that's full service so we get access to food and all other amenities with ease.

Now that he is older, we go for space since we do stay indoors quite a bit while on holiday plus we often pack food back for our meals, more so when we travel with nai nai and grandma.

Shop with Agape Babies

I have always been a customer of Agape Babies even before I gave birth to J.

They have one of the widest range of California Baby products available in Singapore, and as mentioned in one of my previous posts, I get my regular supply of California Baby creams from them.

But don't get misled by their name as they carry so much more at their online store. They have expanded their offerings over the years, and they are one of the retailers of the ever popular Jujube diaper bags. 

They also stock a whole host of other products for older kids like my J.

Here's what we carted out last week.

We had something for both the boy and me. Definitely a one stop shop for some of our daily needs.

I am always for online shopping given that I hardly get out to shop so it is great to be able to find large range of products and mummy and child on a single platform.

If you enjoy online shopping as much as I do, and is looking for a online shop that can serve yours and you kids' needs, do hop ov…