[Taiwan Family Holiday] Kaohsiung - Fit for Kids (Part 2)

Let's visit  Sizih Wan, Pier 2 Arts Centre, Shoushan Zoo and Liuhe Night Market!

We are back with part 2 of our Kaohsiung post. Part 1 is here by the way. Yeah, yeah. I know, we have been pretty slow in updating our Taiwan experience. Hope you all didn't wait too long!

If you are like me who loves the sun and the ocean, you cannot miss Si Zih Wan.

Kaohsiung Si Zih Wan (西子湾)

Tourists and locals alike, find a good spot to catch the sunset. 

Kaohsiung is on the southwest coast of Taiwan. This means it makes it a great place to catch the sunset, and the most popular part of Kaohsiung to do so is at Si Zih Wan or otherwise most googled as Si Zih Bay. It lines the coast, and has a swimming beach which sees a lot of activities in summer. Interestingly, the major carpark for the bay leads to famous Chungshan University.

Well, actually, I was the only one in the family who was interesting in the sunset. Oh well, I just have very unromantic men in my family. They were more interested in polishing up all the snacks we got from a nearby 7-eleven for a spontaneous picnic.
If you are into cycling, you can rent them from this self service kiosk. Makes a nice slow leisurely evening if you have slightly older kids than mine. 
My men entertaining me as I wanted to catch the sunset. Look at everyone else sitting around for the same reason. 
How to get there: 
Hop onto public bus #99 from the nearest KMRT station : Sizihwan Station. 

Somewhere near the passenger wharf at Kaohsiung is the Pier 2 Art District. 

Pier 2 Art District (駁二藝術特區)

All along the wharf and disused railway tracks are old warehouses which has been converted to a art exhibition area. One of its signature art piece has to be the mega sized Transformer (Bumblebee)!

It is a long walk from end to end of the wharf and there are little detours to other parts where flea shops are set up by aspiring entrepreneurs selling their self-made wares. Reminds me of our "Public Garden". 

If you enjoy street art, or have time to spare and want to take a slow stroll in cool December weather, you could consider dropping by. 
Some of the art pieces along the walk. Love the top right where Guan Yu (God of War) is holding a mop!  

You can find out how to get there from this page

If you notice, since we had J, every holiday means packing in a visit to the local zoo when possible... here we go!

Shoushan Zoo 壽山動物園

Not huge as compared to the Taipei one, but I thought it was a little more lively, and most importantly, their entry fee is only S$4.00. Super super value for money I feel.

Located at the Gushan District at Kaoshiung, you can find over 80 species of animals, and what I liked about this place is that while the animals are in their enclosures, they actually do come really close to visitors.

They even have a small amusement area with bouncy castles and bumper cars. Further in the zoo, there's also a water play area. So, I am sure families with young children will find S

Look at how close that feisty monkey was. No zoom on the camera was used. It was right on the other side of the glass enclosure.

How to get to Shoushan Zoo: Take Red56 from the Kaohsiung Train Station.  


A must go at all parts of Taiwan is of course is their local night markets. Of course, if you have kids like ours who doesn't do well in crowds, and find night markets boring, perhaps go there early. 

We dropped by Liuhe Night Market to pack back dinner on both nights we were in Kaohsiung.

Liuhe Night Market 六合夜市

Since Kaohsiung is a coastal town, it is not surprising that the night markets here focuses a lot on seafood. Just look at stalls with the fresh seafood laid out. What I enjoyed most was the "da chang bao xiao chang  (大腸包小腸)". It is really  a huge taiwanese sausage wrapped in a glutinous rice bun grilled to perfection. So sinful but yet so satisfying! LOL! 

Mainly a food night market, it is definitely a must visit for foodies. Unfortunately, my grouchy son prefers to dine in the comfort of the hotel room. 


That's all we have for you for Kaohsiung! Read the first installment here, and we will be back as we update everyone on what to look out for as we move northwards to Tainan! Stay tuned! 

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