Protect your bed with "Therm-a-Sleep"

J has been toilet trained ages ago. I don't even remember when was the time he started to go without diapers during the day. Well, but the night time situation isn't so rosy. 

Although he still sleeps with diapers, accidents happen and is becoming more frequent. Maybe it is because he consumes very much more water these days. 

You can imagine when he wets his pants, the bed is never spared. We needed to find a better way to protect our mattress, otherwise it means we will need to throw out our mattress soon! 

The latest series of bedding protectors , "Therm-A-Sleep" from "Protect-a-Bed" was a life saver. 

It's waterproof, breathable and acts as a barrier to dust mite, airborne allergen and prevents bed bug bites. In fact, hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, The Fairmont and Intercontinental are using it. 

The whole set of Therm-a-Sleep products. They have protectors for pillows and bolsters too. I have tried other brands of waterproof protectors before, and never found one that has products for pillows and bolsters. 

It is important that the protectors we use helps to shield against dust mites and other allergens as this boy of ours has really sensitive airways and skin. 
Soft and silky to touch.

Waterproof membrane that prevents keeps the liquid out and prevents the mattress from getting wet. It looks somewhat plastic, but yet it is comfortable to lie on. 

The mattress protector fits to a tee. 
I have used "Therm-a-Sleep" for over two weeks with 2 wet incidents. So far, my mattress was spared from any damage. Yippee!

"Therm-a-Sleep" is available on and some items are on promotion. Click here for the list of promotion items.

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Disclaimer: We received products from Sleepwell for purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.