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Friso: Experience More Together


Most of you, my followers know that I am a huge advocate of outdoor play. Due to our busy schedules, the amount of time the man and I have with the kid is limited. So we try to always make sure we are out and about during family time.

However, going outdoors isn't always possible for many reasons. Like the recent haze for example, and times when I get really lazy and just want to lounge around at home in my PJs and messy hair.

At times like these, it helps to have fun stuff to keep us occupied as a family at home.

This came quite late at night. I was actually very excited, so much so that I wanted to wake the boy up. I know he would be thrilled because he has been asking for a slide at home when he saw one at his cousin's house. 

Friso knows this too, and in bid to encourage parents to create special play experiences with their children, they are giving away Friso Experiences Play Sets to parents who spend $350 on Friso products *.

We were given a set and boy did the kid enjoy (and is still enjoying) himself heaps!

Each play set comes with a slide with a basketball hoop, a mini teepee, 2 cushions, a storage box and a faux grass carpet.

When the play set arrived, it was already about 9pm at night. I almost woke J up in my excitement. LOL! Looked like mummy was the one enjoying the thought of having fun at home.

I woke the boy up the next morning by whispering to him " I have a present for you! It is a slide!" For once in a long time, he did not resist being woken up, and gleefully allowed us to change him out of his PJs so he can work the slide! 

As we did not have the full set up, it gave me something to "tempt" the boy, for him to have something to look forward to after school.

I told him there's more fun waiting for him after school, and I can sense his anticipation when he kept asking us if he could go home immediately when we picked him up my mum's place. Well, usually, he will either ask for us to go to the super market or stay a little longer grandma's, but never to head home straightaway. So, you know this kid really wants to be home to play.

The Friso Experiences Play set (the cushions are in the teepee) with our own carpet. 
Played hide & seek with Papa and enticing mummy to join in for a game of basketball (although it was really a mini soccer ball). 
And.. this probably sums up the fun we had! 

So... how can you own the Friso Experience too? 

*From 1 September till 31 October 2015, if you spend $350 at participating retailers on the following products:-
- Friso Mum
- Friso Gold Cereal
- Friso Gold 2, 3 and 4

(does not include infant formula from 0-6 months). can redeem for the Friso Experiences Play Set that's worth $300 for you to take the fun indoor with the whole family!

More information on the redemption can be found here:

There are also special Friso Experience Play Zones and Roadshows at selected retailers. You can take pictures with your kids at the playzones and load them up here. You will stand to win attractive prizes from Friso Vouchers to Go Pro Cameras! More goodies to enhance you family play experiences! 

Play Zones: 
- Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A      (1 Oct to 31 Oct 2015) 
- Sheng Siong Bedok 209             ( 1 Oct to 31 Oct 2015) 

Full list of roadshows here.  And, want to now more about the Friso Experiences campaign, you can visit their Facebook page here. 

Disclaimer: We received a play set from Friso for purpose of this post. 


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