Zoomoo - For the love of animals ( with giveaway )

"It's All Animals - All The Time!"

There are a few things on the kid's radar these days. They are anything related to police and firemen or the zoo. There's one thing on mummy's radar though. That is to start supplementing the kid with stuff learnt in school. I have always meant to look for some enrichment for him, but I cannot bear to burn our weekends, at the same time, I am always very tired from work. What I do at home with him is very limited. 

Image courtesy of ZooMoo Asia

So, yes. I am one of those parents who sometimes outsource childcare at home to the phone.

Yeah yeah... I know I am about to be judged and I know there is no excuse at all. That said, I am happy to announce that ZooMoo has just what I needed at this stage for my 3 year old. 

Taking this off their website, ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the world's most renowned film makers and early childhood specialists from New Zealand, where they bring you one of the most powerful package. An education catalyst that engages not only the kids but parents too. 

I cannot agree more. 

What I like about ZooMoo is that it makes use of different media forms to interact with their audience. There's not only puppet animals, but also a large part of the programme covers real animals, plus animated ones to help bring nature to life. These characters are also cleverly integrated with the ZooMoo app, where the characters actually jump out of the TV, onto the app to enhance and expand the child's imagination. Wow right?! 

The other thing to shout about is how the programme has been created to involve parents. So, it is not one where we just "dump" the kid to be entertained by the screens. An example would be the parents section within the ZooMoo app where there are suggestions for parents on how to help their kids to learn better. 

J enjoys going through the ZooMoo app, learning about new animals in different parts of the world. He gets to feed the animals, and make them dirty too! So, it's fun while learning. Why not? 

ZooMoo is also introducing a new series, "Lost!" on their programme. 

Image courtesy of ZooMoo Asia.
That's Flash the Dog !

Flash the dog, the main character in this series loves to explore and seeks a new adventure at each 11 minute episode. However, he has a pretty bad sense of direction, and ends up lost. Yet, with the help of his trusted friends, Owl and Piglet, and using their unique skillsets to uncover clues of Flash's location in the natural world, they manage to get Flash out of danger. I have watched an episode, and it sure is very fast moving, and hair-raising at some point. 

Lost! premieres on 16 September at 5pm. 

ZooMoo is running on StarHub Cable, Channel 306

If you want to find out more about ZooMoo, here's a chance for you to win a ZooMoo Fun Pack that's similar to what we got!

Thank you to ZooMoo Asia for gifting us with this special ZooMoo pack! 
If your kiddo love tattoo stickers, the goodie pack from ZooMoo comes with a few to keep them happy!

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Giveaway will end on 15 Septermber 2015, at 1159hrs. 

Winner will be announced on our Instagram account on 17 September 2015. 

Giveaway is open to residents of Singapore only.