Spurbox: Home-learning resource for busy parents

Helping my child to learn at home with Spurbox's P-skool Subscription box. 

PS. This is not a sponsored post! 

This Spurbox came in the mail! 
At 3 years old, J's childcare teachers have been telling us that he seems more advanced than his peers. J often finds activities in school either boring or somewhat lacking challenge. 

In fact there are 3 to 4 of them just like him. While the teachers often plan different learning activities for this group, interest of the majority still needs to looked after. Hence, we are encouraged to either send J for enrichment or to supplement by teaching him at home. I prefer the latter to be honest 

Of course it's always nice to know my kid has the capacity to learn more. But it is me who's struggling.

My work plus the other home related chores, I have little or no energy left to prepare any homelearning materials. l tried. I really did. But, they often do not interest J. Haha...that says so much of my teaching abilities!

I sourced around for materials online, as well as books and stuff. I also looked into craft subscription boxes too, which is how I chanced upon "Spurbox". 

I gave Spurbox a try by getting a trial box, and I found it is fit for purpose more than the rest. At least for what J needs now, which is to get him up to speed with his alphabets.  Most importantly, J enjoys the craft activities in the box. 

Spurbox P-Skool comes in 3 stages, where stage 1 is for 2 to 3 year olds. Stage 2 for 4 to 5 year olds, and Stage 3 for 6 to 7 year olds. So being slower with his alphabets, I decided to get him Stage 1, getting J to start right from the beginning. 

Here's what they have in their stage 1 box: 

The tactile sensory cards, was surprisingly good as I noticed J happily traces the alphabets and numbers.

 It really interests the boy. While he does not remember the letters instantly (well which child would right?), at least he is intrigued by the different textures on the cards. So... that's a score for me. 

Then there's the explorer toy. Great to take along with us for outtings. 

This came in our trial box. Fits into our bags which we can bring around on our outtings. This comes as a mini explorer toy where we parents help the kiddo to learn about the theme from this toy. 
J did this at the clinic while waiting for our turn. Helps with his logic and gross motor skills. 

Spurbox's toddler craft that's related to the alphabet of the month is also useful for reinforcing what the child needs to learn. 

Here we are putting together a 'Camel". C is for Camel! 
Mighty proud of his first craft. Of course Mummy helped a little... but full marks for effort for this little man! He loved it so much he insisted to bring it to school to show his teacher.

What do you think we are making now? 

Paint paint paint! 

D is for Dolphin! 
Love to see how much pride J takes in making his craft. 

Spurbox has really taken away the time I need to prepare learning materials for J, and I strongly recommend Spurbox for busy parents like us, yet need to spend time teaching their kiddos! 

Find out more about Spurbox and their offerings here .

Spurbox also conducts regular craft parties/ events and there is one coming up soon. 

It's a HELLOWEEN Party! 

Taking place on 11 October 2015 6 timeslots, join other kids and their parents to make halloween craft and costumes and be treated to a Halloween Craft Box worth $25, plus many other exciting activities to engage! 

Sign up here to avoid disappointment. 


Ok! For those who are keen to try the activities in the Spurbox Subscription Box, here's your chance to win one! 

I have a 1 x SpurBox P-skool Stage 1 box worth $25.00  to giveaway! 

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We look forward to your participation!