Memories of Hualien - Taiwan Travelogue

Continuing our travelogue of Taiwan, we take you to Hualien.

 Our recent trip to Taiwan last May wasn't the first to Hualien for the man and me. We have done Taroko Gorge and Cixingtan before, and I was personally very taken by the view at the latter. That was why we decided to stay at Bayview B&B, which is apparently the accommodation closest to the coast, what more on my 35th birthday night. So romantic hor?!

We actually did not have much time at Hualien this trip, and here's are some of our memories. 

If you have travelled from Taipei to Hualien in a car before, you will definitely need to drive past the coastal roads around the Taroko National Park. The scenery here is breathtaking, and is a pit-stop for tourists to take some photos. Standing on the roads, with the cliff above, and the sea below, I feel very small. And, surprisingly... thinking about how the roads were built here, you can imagine what workers went through. In fact, Qing Shui Cliff has been designated by the Taiwan government as one of their 8 wonders of Taiwan. 

Dolphin watching with Whale World 

Well, we were really expecting to see whales, but it seems like these whales are very hard to lure out. What we got were schools of dolphins, who were very eager to please the visitors. They were practically dancing, enticing us to take their pictures. 

The ride on the boat can get very rocky as the waters were choppy especially during the rainy season. Look at the look of fear on the boy's face. But, this cutie pie was more worried I will fall out of the boat when I stood to take pictures of the dolphins. *heart melt*. 

These were all I can manage to capture. There were definitely more present that rainy day. 

Aboriginal Restaurant (Indigenous cuisine)

Ok. before I go into details, I must confess I missed out the name of this really unique restaurant, that even has cultural performance by young kids. I will try to go find out the name. 

What you see here is only a portion of the set lunch. We had 8 dishes altogether, and they are surprisingly tasty. The vegetables are very fresh, and everything tasted quite "organic". 

We were also treated to a cultural performance by a group of aboriginal kids. 

Cixingtan (or Qi Xing beach) 

One of the most unique beaches I have come across. Not your usual sandy beach, but one with pebbles! Cixingtan was one of the reasons that brought the hubs and me back to Hualien. 

Farglory Ocean Park

Not exactly like the famous Hong Kong Ocean Park, but fun enough to keep a 3 year old engaged for over 3 hours. It is also less crowded, which both hubby and me appreciate. 

Well...more importantly, it had everything the boy likes. From mascots to animal show to rides and ice-cream! 

Alright! There you go... our memories of Hualien! 

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