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May 2015 - A month to be grateful

The month of May has always been our favorite month of each year. Almost all the important events of our lives since we got married happened in May. This means we always plan big things... celebration type things, during the month.  So you can imagine how busy we were this month. 

May this year was jam-packed with activities both at work and at home.

The team at work had a number of important projects, with one of our biggest event that happened just before we flew off for our long awaited family summer escape. While schedules were crazy, I must say I loved that adrenaline rush to get all things done in the best possible way. 

The one thing that has kept me at this job despite it being more stressful than I would have liked it to be, is the people. This bunch of loonies work so well together, and despite some obvious differences, we always find ways to make things work. 

Everyone carries with them the "just do it" attitude rather than waste time politicking. This is something so precious which I am extremely thankful for.

Glad that it is a wrap on our biggest event for the year and we can all take a slight breather. Of course, thankful that it turned out fantastic after months of hard work. 

Post-event drinks with these lovely people from work. 

Things were even busier on the home front. It started off with planning for J's birthday do. We decided against anything big due to our last 2 failed attempts at pulling off a birthday party for him.  

A simple one in school was enough to keep him thrilled, and I think he enjoyed giving out gifts to his friends the most. I cannot say enough how  grateful I am to have this little one come into our lives 3 years ago and it is definitely nice to see him bursting with generosity. This is definitely a quality worth keeping in a 3-year old. 

 What followed was a week away in time for my 35th in Taiwan. We got a driver to take us to parts of Taipei, Yilan and Hualien, and let me just say, it was a fabulous trip! There's no better company worth spending time with and for those who asked, blog posts on the trip is coming next stay tuned yah? 

Spending quality time with the boy doing kiddy things like learning how to make markers. 
Happy 35th to me! I sound sooo old! :(
A pretty shot at Nan Fang Ao at Yilan.
Perhaps the one thing that brought any regrets this month is when Dad fell while he was out at the market. He apparently blacked out while crossing the road which resulted in him falling on his face, and fracturing his cervical spine. When it happened, i received a whatsapp message from mum which was full of gibberish. The only visible word in that message was "help"! I tried to call Mum but there was no answer. It was only when they got whisked off in an ambulance, that I got a call from my brother. At that point, I felt bad for enjoying myself miles away, not being able to be present for my parents. Thankful that my brother who's based overseas happen to be in the country during the accident otherwise I think I will never forgive myself. 

With Dad in the hospital, the final week of May was spent shuttling between hospital, home and work, while dealing with some effects of my hormome therapy in preparation for another cycle of IVF. Not the happy ending I was expecting, but grateful nonetheless that Dad is recovering well.  

Hoping that June can be a little kinder to me. With the sudden turn of events, I ended May beaten rather than rested, yet it is definitely a month where I am counting my blessings. 

All's good for now! How was the month of May for you? 


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