Goodbye April 2015

April was one hectic month, and I cannot be more glad that it is now officially over.

There was quite a bit of adjustments needed both at work and at home.

We started on our first IVF as we really really want to give J a sibling because we know it is sooner, rather than later that he will be asking for one. While things may be beyond his control, we want to at least tell him we are truly trying.

Embarking on IVF, also meant that I was a walking hormonal mess. I wasn't the nicest person to be around with, neither was I in the best state of mind to work. Yet, there were projects to be kicked off, visitors to entertain, and a PR event to organise in just 2 weeks. Yeah, when it rains, it certainly pours.

Then, the man had to start working shifts. There will be one day during each weekend where I will have to do this solo parenting gig. It is quite a change since I have been used to having Papa share the load of entertaining the kid.

To be honest, I very much preferred if this happened a year or 2 ago, when the kid does not talk as much as he does now. J seems to have suddenly found his voice, and can go on and on and on and on....I sometimes find myself exhausted just after an afternoon of answering his endless "whys".  So, rather than keep him at home, I rather find something for us to do out of home. That in itself can be quite a feat ,so I am (for once) glad that I am getting media invites to blogger events.

Enjoying our mother-son outtings on weekends. 

We have also started J on a " home reward project" where we will give him a sticker each day he goes without the pacifier. And by the time he collects enough stickers, we will get him a gift of his choice. So far, it isn't working very well which makes me worry if he will ever quit "pacifier-ing".

Promising us he will quit his pacifier - like real! 

With April behind us, I am definitely looking forward to my favourite month of the year!

J and myself will be having a joint birthday celebration in Taiwan, just 3 of us so I can't wait! Woohoo!

How's you 2015 been? It is sure getting better for us, and I hope it is the same for you too!