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Day in a A Life: Weekend Fun

I have been doing this working mama gig for about 3 years now, and really,  my weekdays are not the most interesting.

Weekends on the other hand are different, especially so now that the man needs to work on shifts. This means on some weekends, it's solo parenting for me, and also an opportunity to spend 1-to-1 time with my cheeky monkey.

Here's how one of my solo parenting Sunday looked like:

Whenever the man works the weekend morning shift, he needs to leave the house by 7.00am.

I on the other hand, will try to get up before him so I can prep myself before he leaves the house, making it easy for me to handle the boy on my own. I like to pack in as much chores as I can before the prince gets up.

2 Sundays ago, I got up bright and early at 6.00am. Yeah, such is the life of  a weekend solo parent! 

While the rest of the house continues to snooze, I clean up, and make sure I look presentable for the rest of the day. I do this before the boy gets up so I don't need waste time prepping when the boy is awake. 

6.30 am: I get some chores done in the kitchen that includes keeping the dishes and filling up the water jugs, then I sit with the man to enjoy a coffee together.

When he leaves, I spend more time on chores such as folding the laundry, followed by packing our outing bag.

7.30am: J is up and about. While I prepare some breakfast for him, I allow him to watch Peppa Pig on the iPad. Look at how comfy he is. It is a treat these days for him to be on our bed, so I don't mind indulging him once in a while. 

That's J's hearty (and healthy) breakfast! He loves grapes, so I gave them an extra serving this Sunday morning, with second helping after. 

8.00am: J automatically asks to shower because he wants to take "Peppa and family" for a swim. This is a great way to keep the boy occupied for a good 20 minutes (or even longer if we are not planning to go out). He will always run to the bathroom on his own, remove his clothes and settle on the floor with his "bubbly pool" for his favorite characters.

8.30am: The Prince is smelling nice. So, time for mummy to get changed and quickly leave the house otherwise he gets all impatient and restless. We were ready and raring to go just before

Yeah, at almost 3 years old, I still choose to bring the stroller out, especially so if we are taking the MRT. J loves to walk, but he gets tired easily too, and wants to be carried. If he was lighter, I wouldn't mind. But at 16kg, it is back-breaking! So, I rather lug the stroller along, which sometimes end up being the shopping cart!

9.00am: Off we go! We made our way to the mall to get some brunch for our  friends, before taking a 20 minute stroll to Little C's house for an early morning playdate.

11.30am: After almost 2 hours of play, we said our good byes to Little C, who wanted to come along with us as we took another 30 minute stroll to my brother-in-law's (the man's brother) house for a 2nd playdate.

The kids played, had lunch, and I attempted to make kids sleep at about 1.30pm.

2.45pm: J finally falls asleep, and I take the opportunity to just stone while waiting for the man to pick us up since he works till 3.00pm.

3.45pm: The man arrives, whisked the sleeping boy into the car, and we made our way back home. Today, the boy seemed to be more tired than usual as he hardly stirred when we moved him from the car onto his bed. J continues his nap while the man and I spend some quiet time catching up on our dramas.

5.30pm: J awakes which means we start deciding what to have for dinner. The man decided to get some takeaways instead of going out. So, I volunteered to shower the boy.

6.15pm: Dinner time!

7.00pm: Home movie this evening since it is a Sunday, and we caught "Finding Nemo" together as a family.

8.30pm: It's time to hit the sack for J... so we start our bedtime routine of brushing his teeth, emptying his bladder and getting his last bottle of the day before having our regular bedtime chitchat session before he drifts into sleep. He usually falls asleep by 9pm.

9.00pm to 11.00pm : It is usually blogging or sometimes going through my to-do list for the new week while the man also does some work before we get an early night.

There you go! This is our typical weekend! Not super exciting, but it's quality time with the boy nonetheless.


This post is written as part of the "Day in a Life..." blog series started by Mummy Justina. Read about how other Mummies get on in their day to day lives!

Next up in the series is Mummy Lisa from
Lisa is a Stay at Home Mum of two to Little Man and Little Lady. Lisa and her family very recently moved to the States. Join her on her blog as she shares how she is trying to find the best schedule that suits the family. 


  1. Sunday solo parenting, and waking up at 6 am, plus squeezing in 2 playdates? You are really an amazing mama! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your day!

  2. Thanks for hosting the blog train Justina! I had fun reading what other mummies do during their day as well!


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