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15 ways on how I embraced motherhood

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When I was much younger, I knew that even if I did not know where my career leads me to, I want to be a mother.

Then you probably know the story about our struggle to conceive.

Thankfully, 3 years ago, happiness came in a double-lined pee stick, and we spent the following 9 months making grand plans on how to bring up our child.

We have heard the usual parenting rules such as no screen time till 2 years old, no sweets, no junk food etc. Then there's the plan to ensure the boy gets breastfed as long as possible, and that I will manage caring for him all on our own, and the list goes on.

However, no amount of planning could really prepare me for what was to come.

Motherhood came in a very different package, not without frustration and pain on some occasions, yet it fills my heart with so much joy.

This is how embracing motherhood looks like for me :

1) Stopping breastfeeding when J is only a month old so I can have more energy to be with him, At 3 years old, I don't see how much more different my son would be on breastmilk. I chose not to stress over milk supply so I can be happy with my child.

2) Giving up opportunities at work which I would usually die for, for one that gives me the flexibility to be home with my child, yet I think it is still not enough.

3) Exchanging nights out with the girls for sleepless nights with endless coaxing, cuddling and feeding. Not the most glamorous, but I asked myself time and again…"Does it matter?"
Rushing home, and missing out on girlie drinks to this face. 

4) Getting up at 5am every single day so I get squeeze in just that extra me time in the bathroom before mummy duty beckons.

5)) Falling asleep on a bed of dried puke with the sick kid because he finally slept after fussing for hours.

6) Carrying my 15 kg son in a carrier for 3 days in a row because he feels miserable being in hospital. It is back-breaking and I swear I was about to collapse with exhuastion.

7) Finding poop on my fingers every so often.  Oh… and there's those times when I wake up with pee on my bed. Not mine obviously!

8) Finding playdoh stuck on my carpet. Yes, that soft fluffy carpet now has spots of multi colored sticky stuff that cannot be removed.

9) Having my heart break every S.I.N.G.L.E morning when he wails and clings onto my leg.

10) Finding handprints on the glass coffee table that I carefully polished just 2 seconds ago.

My painstakingly polished table has turned to this. 

11) Living in perpetual mess which frustrates me, yet accepting it as it is because I know I am fighting a losing battle against the 3 year old.

The mess follows us on holidays too!

12) Watching Peppa Pig on repeat mode, both in English and Mandarin. I swear I can remember dialogues of some episodes.

13) Mastering the skill on "sleeping on the edge". Edge of the bed that is.

Losing my space on my bed to this cutie.

14) Attending to all sorts of attention seeking requests, every second of his waking moment. It doesn't matter whether I am exhausted, sick or just in need to some peace and quiet. What peace and quiet??!

15) Visits to the toilets, whether at home or in public are no longer a private affair. I have learnt to walk out of a cubicle, ignoring stares at the same time after my toddler who was in the same cubicle as me exclaims " MUMMY… your POO POO very smelly".

Not all glitz and glamour eh? Well, this IS motherhood, and I don't regret it a single bit.

Motherhood has made me a better person, is a journey of self discovery and growth,  and I will do it all over again if you ask me. Things will only get more challenging as the boy grows older, but I look forward to adding to this list on how I embraced this job as a mum.

How about you? What is your motherhood journey like?


This post is written as part of the " Embracing Motherhood" blog train where a group of mummies share how we embrace our unique journey of motherhood. 

Next up on the blog train is Jolin from The Js Arena

Jolin is a blessed mother to a loving hubby and two adorable boys. The Js Arena is where she captures and documents memories of her motherhood and parenting journey. She is looking forward to take on her new role as a full-time mother starting this year. Join her tomorrow as she shares her thoughts of motherhood.'


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