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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your closest girl friends

Searching for that perfect gift for your girl friends, look no further! 

Discount code in the post!

We are less than 2 months away from Christmas, and parts of Orchard Road already has the festive lighting up. It is also around this time that I start sourcing for gifts since I do a lot of my shopping online. Need to take into consideration shipping time.

So here's sharing some of the items I think will make great gifts for those girly get togethers.

 And... this is really a major spoiler for my own girl friends since I have already purchased some of these ready to wrap and go under the Christmas Tree!

This is a current personal favourite and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Their Roll-on Eau De Toilette Intense is exactly what it is. Pocket size with no compromise on the scent. Best thing to bring around to freshen up when needed, and it doesn't cost very much.

At S$39.00, you can purchase it from any L'occitane outlet island wide, or shop online here.


Another of my daily essentials. I am not about to do a comparison of this cleansing brush with the other brands in the market since this is the only I have tried. After seeing the results on my skin since using this, I don't think I need to try others just yet.

 Battery operated, with a 2 speed oscillations to choose from, the brush cleanses the face very thoroughly, yet it is gentle enough for daily use. I love how my skin feels so smooth every time I use Skinvigorate. Like there's no trace of dead skin at all! Best part is, it is waterproof. So I have no qualms bringing it into the shower with me.

The Mary Kay Skinvigorate cost about S$80.00 (cannot remember the exact price), and you can contact Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant Florinda Tay at 9730 0325 if you wish to purchase any Mary Kay products.   


If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed the lovely Russian Ring Necklace (picture above) which I am wearing everyday. I got it from Centime Gift after reading about their unique personalized jewelry on a fellow mummy's blog.

Other than the Russian Ring Necklace, I also absolutely love the "Classic Name Plate Necklace" and the "Personalised Signature Necklace". Despite having purchased quite a number of items recently, I am pretty sure I will be patronizing them again really soon.

Good news for all readers of Meeningfully! I have managed to secure a 20% discount off the total bill for all of you from now till 25 December 2014. All you will need to do is enter "MEENINGFUL" in the "coupon code" at check out. 

Note: Turnaround for orders during November and December will take about 2 weeks (plus around another 2 for standard deliver). So, please make sure you order early to avoid disappointment… or better still, opt for courier. 

I started using essential oils over a year ago to help manage common child ailments such as the cough and flu which has proved to be very useful. And, on many occasions, it helped us to reduce the amount of medication we use on J.

Slowly, I progressed to using essential oils on myself. I use a lot of Lavender (to help me relax after a hard day at work) as well as Lemon (to help with my daily detox). 

Young Living's Peace & Calming oil blend has also been helpful in getting J to sleep on days when he is cranky and overstimulated. With the benefits, I am keen to introduce essential oils to my friends too.

Young Living has recently launched their Seasonal Essentials Catalogue, and I spotted some interesting sets to get for my friends. I am also intending to get bottles of Lavender to those who have yet been initiated into the world of oils.

If anyone is thinking of getting any oils, do PM me. I can link you to the right people. :)

Pandora Charms

If your girl friends are fans of Pandora and collect charms like I do, this is probably a no brainer. Pandora has launched their Christmas Collection, and some of the charms in there are gorgeous. Love the Openwork Abstract Silver Charm and the super cute Gift Silver Charm, most befitting my favorite time of the year.

Go on to Pandora's website to check out the collection, or simply visit their outlets islandwide.   

Have you started you Christmas shopping? Hope this list has inspired you somewhat, and I would love to hear what are some of your recommendations!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I wrote this on my own accord and all items were purchased at my own expense. The discount code f on Centime Gift was kindly provided by the good people who owns the shop given the amount I spent purchasing gifts from there. 


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