Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer

Monitoring the temperature when the little one falls ill is essential, yet if I could gladly outsource I would.

 Hands up mummies and daddies who struggle with your kids to have their temperature taken when they are already feeling lousy. How about the struggle to get up every hour at night to take their temperature  
and end up squinting your eyes to read it and at expense that you might wake your kid up?

I recently had the opportunity to try Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer, a truly Singaporean innovation. It allows parents to track their kids' temperature automatically and more importantly, continuously, without disturbing their rest or whatever they are doing. All that's needed is to attach a thermo sensor onto the child. 

This is fantastic idea which I think many parents will appreciate, and the best part is, it is developed locally!

It is easy to to use, although I must add that the setting up took us some time to figure out. 

There are 2 ways to monitor temperature. 

One way is to link up your laptop or mobile phone to the wifi signal from the SmartNode , then access the url provided in the set-up manual, and you will be able to  start monitoring your child's temperature. 

Linking to WIFI on the SmartNode. 

The Cadi.Sense Web Application. 

 The other way is meant to provide a n option for working parents live ourselves to track our child's temperature remotely. you will need to do is link up the SmartNode with a nearby wifi source and access the temperature readings via the Cadi.Sense Andriod or iOS app, or via Even when I am at home, this is  my preferred method.
Linking the SmartNode with WIFI router in my house. 

The Cadi.Sense app on my Andriod phone.

Temperature reading on the Andriod app. 

I used the Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer for a week, and here's what I like about it. 

1) Undisturbed rest for both child(ren) and parents
When J runs a temperature for days, we will make it a point to get up every 2 hours to monitor his temperature. The challenge is not only the getting up , but also making sure we don't disturb J. He is usually a great sleeper. But once he is unwell, he will stir easily in his sleep, and whine a lot. And, getting him to return to sleep is a huge challenge. I placed the ThermoSensor on the inside of his diaper at the waist area to prevent any discomfort to J. There's also the ability for us to receive real time alerts when the temperature gets above our own threshold. So that takes away the struggle to get up every hour for us. 

The ThermorSensor which I placed inside J's diapers, near his waist. 

Setting the temperature threshold on the Andriod app. 

2) Peace of mind for caregiver and parents 
Whenever J runs a fever, we will place him at my mum's house since he is not allowed to be in school. We often make my mum send us an hourly update of his temperature, which means she needs to appease the already grouchy boy before she can successfully take his temperature. I do feel bad towards mum, but yet we need to ensure that the boy's fever is under control. So, with Cadi.Sense, we can remotely monitor J without causing any undue stress to my mum. 

Accessing temperature records from the Cadi.Sense website. 
3) Helping doctors with the right diagnosis
If you link your mobile or laptop directly with the SmartNode, you will not only be able to measure temperature at any point in time, you can also track the temperature changes over a 24 hours period. This means that there isn’t a need for manual recording of temperature. We get to show doctors if there are any fluctuations in the fever for better and more accurate diagnosis

4) Accurate
While the ThermoSensor is placed near the child's waist, or any part of the body for that matter, The accuracy of the readings does not differ from any ear or underarm thermometers.

With these, Cadi.Sense is definitely a better alternative to the thermometers we are used to. However, the only limitation for me is that J's caregiver's place will need a WIFI source for us to be able to remotely access his temperature. Of course I still love my ear thermometer as it helps with those random moments when we need to do a quick check for fevers. Other than that, Cadi.Sense is a great companion when the little one is ill. 

Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer retails at S$199 and can be purchased from all Mothercare outlets and selected retail phamarcies etc. You can find a list of stockists here. 

Disclaimer: I was gifted with a set of Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer from Mothercare Singapore. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are mine.