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Cadi.Sense Wireless Thermometer

Monitoring the temperature when the little one falls ill is essential, yet if I could gladly outsource I would.
 Hands up mummies and daddies who struggle with your kids to have their temperature taken when they are already feeling lousy. How about the struggle to get up every hour at night to take their temperature  and end up squinting your eyes to read it and at expense that you might wake your kid up?

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

The man loves the macadamia white chocolate cookies from Subway. So, when the man likes, the man asks, so the wife tries to experiment.

Here's the recipe I tried, and I love how chewy it was, and this bake got the thumbs up not only from the two male in the family, but also my colleagues!

No. I have not forgotten

Warning: This is yet another of my emo(tional) post. And, yes. It has something to do with "number 2".
No. I have not quite forgotten the ectopic pregnancy episode that happened exactly a year ago.

If you are about to tell me, please move on, then maybe you have not come close to having any fertility issues. Much less lost a child to miscarriage or other any other situations. Of course it is no fault of anyone's, so bear with me while I remember the one we lost.

In conversation #3: Rookie Mummy

Looking back at the time when I first became a mummy, I was overwhelmed with how much there was to do, and sometimes lamented at how much our lives have changed. As time went by, I now look back at those times fondly, and certainly wish that time has more mercy on us as the boy is growing up too fast.

Today, I have a Victoria Koh on the blog. A first time mummy of only 4 months to a boy, Ryan, who she endearingly calls "Chilli"! Let's hear from her on how she is coping and what advice she is dishing out to other new mummies.

The August Vaby Box - With Giveaway!

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the August Vaby Box as it had items not only for the little one, but for me as well. 

Unlike the July box which was catered for new mummies or mums to be, the good people at Vaby started to customise their boxes according to the recipients' profile. Profile of both the mummy and their kiddos.

The Color Run Singapore 2014

The 3 of us took part in The Color Run Singapore 2014 last Saturday, our first run as a family.

While I was not looking forward to the run initially as I was afraid the heat might make the boys (husband included) grouchy, I wanted (on the other hand) at least experience how it feels like to be doused with color along a 5km run.

Enrichment vs New Pre-school

The life of a 2 year old these days are more complicated than what we adults can envisage. Friendships, relationships with their teachers, trouble over the things they want, and over what mummy says they can have, and the list probably goes on and on.

 We grown-ups think only we have the worst end of the stick! I guess not.