Behind the Scenes - The writing process blog hop

I have been blogging since 2005, on the now defunct social media platform Friendster ( well... friendster still exists, just that it is now a social gaming site) .

Come next year, I would have blogged for a decade. That sure sounds like a pretty long time. And, all these years, I have never written or talked about in much detail on why and how I blog.

What started out to be just a diary of sorts, became an avenue to familarise myself with my day job. I remembered I was "thrown" the digital marketing portfolio back in 2007 with very little knowledge on how to go about it. So, I decided to use my blog as a means to try and test things out. 

Basically, I didn't want to look like an airhead in front of the agencies and IT people.

I have since come a long way in my job and certainly the blog has also become a huge part of me. It literally chronicles, what I would say is a rather challenging yet humbling period of my life.

It has been a period of self-discovery through all the good and trying times. And if you are my follower from the early days, I am sure you'll agree I have matured not only in the way I write, but also as a person.

So, before I go into the questions, I want to thank Adeline from Growing With The Tans for getting me onto this blog hop, allowing me to share what defines Meeningfully.

I met Adeline exactly a year back at an informal Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) meet-up. The lunch almost did not happen as most mummies couldn't make it. To be honest, I was relieved thinking that I need not turn up as I can be sometimes be socially awkward. I went anyway, and it really wasn't hard and I came out of it having made some good friends. 

Adeline and I share quite a lot in common and that's how our friendship was formed. What I really love about her blog is how she makes her son's bubbly personality come to life through her writing. You can read her writing process here

That's Adeline and her little Noah next me me on the right of the picture at the lunch where we got know each other. (Photo Source: Growing With  The Tans)

Now here goes:

What am I working on ? 
There are a few things I am passionate about, and these are also the areas that I enjoy writing on. I am now reorganizing content on the blog into these areas so it is easy for readers to find what they are looking for. Progress on that is rather slow as I manage churning out new posts, working on a new series and of course all these organisation work on top of being a FTWM. So, if you see pages that are incomplete, do bear with me.

As alluded above, I am hoping to start a guest series on the blog soon, extending the lifespan of my Working Momma's Survival Tips Linky.

Recently, I looked at some of the jewellery I have made and sold in the past, I do miss the satisfaction derived by from working on them. I do hope to find time to use my tools again. 

Lastly, I have started working on an alphabet craft project with Jonas on the weekends. So will continue that till we are done with all 26 alphabets, at the same time share our progress here. 

How does my work differ from others in the genre? 
Like other parenting blogs, Meeningfully is about sharing our experiences as we grow as a family. What makes us different is perhaps my focus on managing a family with the little time we have as both the Hubs and myself have pretty demanding jobs. We also share quite a bit on our " trying to conceive" journey as this is an issue close to our hearts. 

Why do I write what I do? 
I tend to internalise a lot of my feelings, and when there's no more space to place these thoughts, I will write them out. I guess, that is why I have a blog in the first place. And, that is also why you can occassionally find posts about how I deal with negativity or others about my outlook on life in general. 

How does my writing process work?
I don't really have a process to be honest. Whenever inspiration strikes, I will jot the idea down as a title in my drafts and slowly craft them over a couple of days. I usually blog at night after the boy goes to bed, or when I am commuting and hence, that prolongs the time taken to produce a satisfactory post. On days when I simply am not able to churn out anything, I will take my time to edit photos for use in future posts. 

Blogging in the dark

Blogging on the go (In fact this post was partially done on my plane ride back from my Bali trip)

I have two other ladies who will be joining me on this blog hop next week, Winnie from Toddly Mummy and Natasha from Quirky Affairs

 I have followed Winnie's craft posts for more than a year as I like collecting ideas on what I can do with J when he is slightly older. I met Winnie for the first time earlier this year at an SMB event, and found her to be really personable. A mother to 2 lovely kids, she is currently an educator. 

I met Natasha at the lunch where I met Adeline, the fateful lunch that made us realize we face the same issues at home as well as in the TTC front. She is the on in purple in the group photo earlier in this post. Natasha is mother to a very happy boy, and is expecting the arrival of her second boy really soon. Ultra excited for her!