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Turning 2 years old - A milestone post

I cannot remember when was the last time I did a milestone post for this boy of ours. And, since we attended our first Parents-Teachers-Meeting (PTM) 2 weeks back, this is probably a good time to jot down some of J's development in school.

I never thought the first ever PTM I needed to attend as a parent is when my child is only 2 years old. Good thing the experience was positive, otherwise I would have developed a phobia of PTMs in future.

Some of the key words used by his teachers were:

Code Switch
J at his age is able to effectively code switch, speaking to different people in the primary language that the person converses with him. In other words, he is effectively bilingual. When he was younger, I was afraid he may take a longer time to speak as people always say kids exposed to dual languages may find it hard to learn to speak. Well, I guess we worried too much. I hope his linguistic abilities keep up till he goes to school.

In the words of the hubs, he is talkative. J is apparently someone who participates actively in class with something to say almost every time a question is posed. I am guessing that it is perhaps J's "need to be acknowledged" character that drives him to participate when he can. Hopefully other kids don't find him a nuisance.

Whenever it craft time or any other hands on activity time, he will be very eager to start. Sometimes too eager that he needs to be told to wait. We see that trait come up quite frequently at home and we are definitely trying to teach him that good things come to those who wait.

Ability to share 
According to J's teacher, kiddies this age are still in the stage of solitary play. J however is able to not only share his toy, but also get the people around him to do the same. I hope they don't find him bossy, and certainly I wish it is some great leadership qualities shining through. 

Of course, not everything is good and rosy. If it is, I would be worried, really. On the flipside, J needs to learn that there is an appropriate time to muck around, and times where he needs to be serious. He tends to like to mimick bad behaviour displayed by other kids. We know this happens at home as well, and will need to find a way to teach him what's right and wrong, and is definitely work in progress. 

On the other hand, I also feel we need to also start him on toilet training, and be consistent with his teeth brushing etc. I admit that I sometimes let these slide, always believing he will come to it when he is ready, so mummy needs to be more disciplined and so must J. 


Dear J, 

Mummy is extremely proud of you, for how you have blossomed so much in just such a short period. I remember how you resist going to school when you turned 18 months old. Look at you now?! 

As I always say, I am glad you are happy, and more importantly healthy and nothing makes me happier to see you becoming a smart young man!

My hope for you is for you to discover who you are, find your voice and be uniquely you. 

Love you to the moon and back!

Your MaaarMeeeee.

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