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How much does my child eat?

J on most days, is a really good eater. Since infancy, he has a ferocious appetite, so much so that it's one of the reasons I gave up breast feeding in the earlier months. Yup, I wasn't able to keep up.

He still eats well, but as he gets ingrained in the terrible twos, getting him to eat when he doesn't want to is like forcing poison down his throat. 
On good days, he is able to finish the following , and will still ask for more. 

NoQ Online Bookstore - A review

I must say I am quite a tech savvy mama as I have a hubby who likes to gift me with tech presents as compared to blinks and bags. Name an e-reader, I probably have them somewhere in the house.

That said, I still very much prefer to read books the old fashioned way. However, I sometimes do have issues managing my time as a working mum, so I cannot be happier to have the option to shop for books online.

Oh yes! In case you don't already know... I am an avid online shopper.

Turning 2 years old - A milestone post

I cannot remember when was the last time I did a milestone post for this boy of ours. And, since we attended our first Parents-Teachers-Meeting (PTM) 2 weeks back, this is probably a good time to jot down some of J's development in school.

I never thought the first ever PTM I needed to attend as a parent is when my child is only 2 years old. Good thing the experience was positive, otherwise I would have developed a phobia of PTMs in future.

How we said goodbye to the pacifier

J turned two in May, and the one thing that bothered us was his binky "addiction".

He has had his "tutu" since he was less than a month old so we could get some sleep and that soon become his only security item.

Whenever he was unsure of himself, and when he's scared, he will reach out for the pacificer. He needed it everywhere he went, every single day and every minute of the day!

Philips and Disney Night Lights - Bedtime Fun

Some months back, I managed to train J to sleep in his own bedroom, and that went pretty well. Other than occasional calls for comfort at about 1am, he pretty much can sleep on his own.
Just when I thought I am done with co-sleeping, he sort of regressed. We had visitors who stayed at our place for a week. So J got back into our bed during that period. Yup.... and now he doesn't want to leave! Urgh! Now, whenever it's bedtime, no matter how we try to steer him into his bedroom, he will find his own way back into ours. We tried all our old tricks of getting him to cloud watch in his room etc, he is still insistent on sleeping with Papa and Mummy. And, now that he is getting older, it is harder to get him to sleep. What usually takes 15 minutes, now takes 30 minutes or more. 

Chic and convenient - Shopping with Zalora

I am a huge fan of online shopping. For those who know me will know that I enjoy shopping online far more than physically going down to the shops because I cannot stand crowds. It is also the convenience of being able to look through every single design the shop has, something we cannot quite do when we are at the "brick and motar" shops that makes online shopping my preference.

How I manage being a Full Time Working Mum (FTWM)

"How do you manage without a helper and still find time to blog?" is one of the most common question I get since J entered our lives.

Well, the answer really is... I sometimes don't know how I do it either. Some days I am a wreak, some days it's a breeze and most days to be honest, I struggle on many levels. 

Drypers Drypantz - Happiness in the Simplest Things

Whenever people ask me what I wish for my child and my answer will always be, "... for him to be happy, and to grow and blossom at his own pace. "
In other words, I am somewhat a chilled mom (or I'd like to think so).

As long as J doesn't step over the boundaries (which are mostly about basic courtesy and respect for the people around him), he gets his way.