Cold Storage Kids Run 2014

We had our first ever kids' run at the Cold Storage Kids' Run this morning, and that means I can tick point 9 off my list of "15 before 15" .

When we signed up for the run, I was rather apprehensive as I wasn't sure how J would perform. Yes, he likes to run but this is really different with the massive crowd. 

In a rather ok mood as we make our way to the event ground. 
We noticed that J tends to shrink into a shell when he is put in a situation with too many people. Basically, he does not like crowds,just like his parents. So, this run was a real challenge for not only him but us too. 

The day started nice and sunny. I always love how they play such adrenaline pumping music at runs. It gets everyone happy and geared to go. Not my little one though. 

Notice the pursed lips? That's J's signature.."I don't quite like what's going on here" type of look. 

J insisted to take a picture with the Scotts' mascot, but still dished out his pursed lips. 
"I am going to purse my lips the whole day until this is over!"
Insisting to be carried all the way. 

"Marmeee... you are not coming along?"

Obviously not too happy with the heat. 
After waiting quite a while for their turn to run, the segment for the 2 to 4 year olds was finally flagged off. 

Wave 2 of the Singapura Finance Family Fun Run

Before everyone can finish the 800m, it started to pour! So, I had to welcome a drenched man and a grouchy drenched boy at the finish line.

Didn't quite know what to feel about this, but I must say it was an interesting event where we got to see J's character come out quite strongly. He did not run a single metre apparently, and I must give it to the man for carrying this 13kg boy all the way. We know this bit about J's character needs to be worked on. We will see how that goes, 

Somehow the rain was quite welcoming as it cooled the weather a little, and J opened up when I allowed him to play with the rain.  We ended off the morning by letting J put on his poncho and jump into water puddles. So I guess, the day ended well, with J getting back his smile with thesimple pleasure of playing in the rain. 

Will we take part in a kids run again? Yes, but when J is slightly older. Then, he may not feel the need to stick to us all the time. In the meantime, I must say I had a good time, and I love the medals!

Disclaimer: J was given a complimentary entry to run. As you can tell from the pictures, his pursed lips are evident of what he felt at the event. I wished he had the same interest in running events like his mother me!