Cebu, Philippines 2014 - Radisson Blu Hotel

What started out as a mother, daughter (plus kiddo) trip turned out to a mega family outing. Let's just say when the numbers started to increase to include the likes of my MIL, I really wasn't looking forward to the trip.

The final count was 7 adults and 2 toddlers. So yes, we can make up a small tour group already .

The 2 weeks leading up to the trip was very tiring. Work piled up, I was tabao-ing work home every day till I felt tight in the chest. The stress also led to a failed SO-IUI cycle. Not good. So, the trip, whether or not I was looking  forward to it, was a nice break away from all the toxicity.

Perhaps the thought that it was going to be a difficult trip led to me not having any expectations.On hind sight, it was not too bad at all.

I have lost count the number of times I have been to Cebu. Most times, I would choose to stay at a resort. Some of the resorts I have been to are Maribago Blue Waters, Costa Bella , Shangri -La Mactan and Be Resort just to name a few. These are all on Mactan Island , about 15 minutes from the airport. However the nearest supermarket is about 15 to 20 minutes away. The island has lots of "sari-sari" stores, but the last I know, it lacks good convenience stores ( aka 7-elevens), which is something I'd like to have when traveling with the young one. 

So with two toddlers in tow, we chose to stay in Lapu Lapu city, right in the middle of convenience.

Radisson Blu is situated right next to one of the largest mall in Cebu city - SM City. That means a lot for me.. really! I can leave the boy with my MIL or mum and sneak out with the man for some quick shopping. We can also grab off any necessities from the supermarket if we run out. I know my brother only brought 5 pieces of diapers for my niece. So, one of the first things we had to do upon arrival is grab off a pack of diapers for the little girl.

Because the MIL was supposed to bunk in with us, I insisted on a bigger room, so we picked Radisson Blu's Deluxe room, which really was a suite.

About 61sqm, the sleeping area was separated from the lounge area. It even came with a work area right at the end of the room. Paying just slightly under S$200 for a comfortable room this size was a really good deal! At least, for me.. I did not find it "suffocating" if you know what I mean.

The lobby has so much open space that J kept himself occupied by running around tirelessly. 

The proximity to the mall also means we get more breakfast options. We make our way across to the food terrace facing the hotel every morning for cheap(er)  breakfast, and again, the space and lack of crowd allows for the active toddler to entertain himself while the adults enjoy our morning meal. 

The other popular mall, Ayala Mall Cebu is only a 5 to 10 minutes drive away. So, there is really no lack of activities around this strategically placed hotel. 

Service at Radisson Blu is also above expectations. Love the friendly faces, and warm greetings which is signature of the Filipino hospitality. 

Despite all these, I would still very much like to stay at a resort the next time I visit. I think it gives us more activity options for an active toddler. Nonetheless, Radisson Blu is in my opinion the best place to be if you want to stay in town. Convenient yet away from the maddening (Ayala) crowd. Somewhere to consider for your next trip perhaps?