15 before 15

With 2013 behind us, here's saying HELLO with my first post for 2014.

How awesome the year will be , depends on what I want out of it. For 2014, I am going keep the end in mind, and constantly remind myself that with positivity and determination, all things can be done. 

Here's 15 things I want to achieve before 2015. 

1)  Cooking for the family. I am not going to attempt to do this cooking thing everyday even though the thought did cross my mind. Increasingly getting tired of take-outs which are not only unhealthy, but hurts the pockets too. This applies for both the hubs and me, as well as the boy. Let's try for at least once a week?

This black beauty came just in time to push my 2014 resolutions in the right direction.
2) Baking. I have always been a better baker than cook. Let's see if I can bake at least 15 times before 2015. That includes baking a birthday cake for Jonas' 2nd birthday.

[Update : 140214 - I have stocked up pantry with ingredients needed to make a strawberry shortcake. Need to start attempting and practise leading up to J's birthday]

Another good start on my resolutions. Made muffins on new year's day. Approved by the old boy and the little man. 

3) Fit and Fab. While I am still a few kilos away from my pre-pregnancy weight, I am not going to make weight loss a resolution. It is more important to live healthily, and feel fabulous every day. So whether or not I lose weight,  I am going to make an effort to get off my bum, exercise more and eat wisely.

[Update : 140214 - I managed to reduce a kilo in a week just by eating healthily. Less carbo , more fruits and veg. Incorporated exercise of at least 2 times a week. ]

4) Work life balance. This is a tall order especially with the work waiting for me in the office even before the year started. I am not sure if I am good enough for this balancing act but I am going to try anyway. 

5) Celebrate Love. As we busy ourselves with work and home, it is inevitable that we neglect our other half along the way. I want to make it a point to take time-offs with the Hub, do more things together and perhaps go on a couple holiday this year.  Just the two of us.

6) A winter holiday. I miss cold(er) climates. I would also like J to experience how it is like to be in a cold country which can be lots of fun. 

7) Weaning. Weaning off the pacifier and co-sleeping. He apparently does not need the pacifier in school and never once asked for it. But the moment is gets out, it never leaves his mouth. This just proves one thing. He does not need that smelly thing. As for the co-sleeping part... I actually need my space back. Don't think I can go through another year with kicks and slaps in my sleep. 

8) Crafting with Jonas. I have lots of arts and craft ideas to engage J when we are at home. Now that his attention span is longer, it is high time we spent quality time working on some pretty artwork. 

9) Take part in a Kids Run.  J loves to run and chooses the outdoors over his books anytime. So what better way to get him engaged and excited if we could all take part in a run. His first ever!

10) Visit Disneyland. Totally frivolous. But since we missed it out at our last trip to Hong Kong, i really want to bring J to experience the magic of Disney. Disneyland can mean anywhere in the world by the way. 

11) Continue making jewelry. I miss working on those pretty pieces of jewelry. Piecing together those beads and chains into fashion enhancers brings a sense of satisfaction and of course a smile to my customers. While I am doubtful I will be able to bring the business back on track, I want to continue creating new pieces...just to make sure my skills don't get rusty. 

12) Me time. Time to think things through, time to recharge to be able to be a better wife, better mother and better daughter. 

13) Blog more, share more. I have blogged more frequently since the birth of Jonas. It has seen me through good times and bad. Made some new friends and more important, helped people with my experiences. So I want to blog more, share more and hopefully, double my visitorship yet again! 

14) Hone my photography skills.  Had my olympus pen 3 for a year now. Have not explored how to use it to its best potential. So, I want to explore more, use it more and hopefully by the end of the year, I will have beautiful pictures to showcase. 

15) A second blessing. Bracing myself to start the whole TTC process again. So lots of positive energy needed for this, and learning to always stay happy and pressure-free will be the way the go this year.

Wish me luck on my resolutions! How about you? What are your resolutions?

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