WMST #1 : 5 Daily Make-up essentials

I am starting a series called "Working Mommas' Suvival Tips" (WMST) on my blog to share how I manage each day working full time with an active toddler.

This will also be my first linky which will be open from now till 31 May 2014.

Although I have been  juggling motherhood and a full time job for 1.5 years now, I am still learning. I don't have an organised life as each new day brings brand new challenges. As J grows older, I find myself exploring new ways to be more efficient at home and at work so I can spend time with him, and give him the attention he deserves. Sometimes, that  means cutting some corners and saving time on even the smallest thing such as putting on make-up.

If I had flawless skin, I would be more than happy to walk out of the house confidently with no make-up at all.

I used to take considerable effort to prim myself for work. Taking 15 minutes to paint my face seems like a luxury now (especially with the toddler hanging onto your legs asking to be carried or wanting to play ball, at 6.00am no less). I

I have since cut down on my make-up must haves to just 5 essentials. Of course if time permits, i will add a little enhancement here, and some colour there.

1) BB Cream : I always use this as a base as it provides the coverage and sun protection I need. Spots and blemishes do look less obvious with it. It has become my daily essential even on the weekends. Life saver to look anywhere close to decent. 

2) Press Powder: This helps me to even out my skin tone and gives an overall matt finish to my face (read: don't look so oily). I will also bring this with this during the day for light touch-ups before meetings. 

3) Eyebrow Pencil: I only have half a brow on each side. That explains why this has to be in my list of essentials. 

4) Mascara: My lashes are relatively long, so putting on some mascara will make a difference to how I look, with eyes looking obviouly bigger and brighter. 

5) Lip colour: Do no underestimate what that lip colour can do. Just a tinge of colour can transform how a person look. Absolute must! 

On days when hormones get the better of me and pimples start to visit, I will whip out my trusted concealer for that extra coverage. And you see that pen in the picture? That's my eyeliner. Another great one to enhance my everyday look. Will usually put this on in the office if I have some meeting to attend.

A guy friend recently made a comment about how married women and mothers in particular need to remember while they mums, they are wives too.  Looking nice and dressing up should not be a "by-the-way". Men would love to have a well dressed , well groomed wife by his side. I do agree with that to some extent. How about you?

Also, what are your daily make-up essentials? I would love to hear from you.

If you are a working mother, whether part-time, full time or working from home, do join my
"Working Mommas' Survival Tips" linky and share how you manage a job and the family.  


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