Weekend exploits #4: Haw Par Villa and Cable Car

What started out as lunch out at West Coast Plaza ended up with a drive down Pasir Panjang road to Haw Par Villa and then up to Harbourfront for a round trip cable car ride.

Haw Par Villa, otherwise known as Tiger Balm Gardens was started by a pair of brothers who came from Myammar to Singapore back in the 30s.  The park has over 100 statues that depicts scenes from popular Chinese folklore and is a place that brings back childhood memories for me. J, as usual had good old fashion fun of running around the abundant open spaces at the park.

The all so familiar entrance to the Haw Par Villa where most parts remained unchanged from the last I remember it. 

Possibly because of the MRT station of the same name that started
operations  that made the Haw Par Villa much more accessible than before,
hence the crowd you see above. 

Entrance to the "10 Courts of Hell" where it used to have a dragon went
 through it's doors during the park's hay days. 

" Go! Hurry up! Why are you working so slowly!" 

Haw Par Villa is a really large place. Larger than I remember it to be. And because it is built upwards, it requires lots of walking up slopes. Great if you want to exhaust all the energy the kids have. Well, as for us, before we can get J to feel tired, we both were already panting for breathe. So, we decided to go on our adventure to drive to wherever the road brings us. So as we drive southeast-wards, we found ourselves at Harbourfront. But instead of doing our usual window-shopping, we thought taking J for a cable car ride would be an exciting experience for him. He sure enjoyed himself! 


Where are some of the places you visit during the weekends? Feel free to share with me, and  I will be happy to share it with readers here! 

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