The bub visits Hong Kong - Part 2

If you have not read about how we survived the flight to Hong Kong, do remember to read part 1 of our post holiday post. 

Let me start by sharing my planned itinerary:

Day 1 
Arrive in Hong Kong (Mid-day) --> Settle lunch either at Tsui Wah (there is an outlet just across the street from Eaton Smart Hotel) or dim sum lunch at Yat Tung Heen, cantonese restuarant within the premises of Eaton. --> Rest/ nap in the hotel room --> Walk around the Mongkok shopping belt, settle dinner there and take a walk along Ladies Street. 

Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel so we can "steal" some bananas and porridge for J --> Spend the day at Ocean Park, and settle lunch there -->Back to the hotel for J to nap --> Have some street food at temple street for dinner. Temple street is about 5 minutes walk away from the hotel. Convenience working at its best. 

Day 3
Breakfast at nearby cha chan ting --> Shopping for kids clothes at Stanley Market --> Proceed to Harbour City for lunch and more shopping --> Back to the hotel for J to nap / rest --> Have a walk around Citygate Mall for some outlet shopping, and settle dinner there.

Day 4
Breakfast in the hotel --> Quick trip to Mongkok to get fresh wife cakes from Hang Heung Cake Shop --> Proceed to check in at Kowloon's Airport Express station --> Hang around Elements shopping centre --> Take the train down to the airport, settle lunch and we are on the way home!

As I shared in my last Hong Kong post, things did not really go as planned.

Day 1 was spent mostly travelling , and when we arrived in Hong Kong, we were greeted with wet weather and all we wanted to do was just crash at the hotel.

So upon check in, we settled the grannies and boy in the room while the hubs and I went in search for some simple hongkong takeaways to fill our growling tummies. We walked out in the pouring rain, popping into various cha chan ting, and settled with this one which was filled with people. To be honest, other than their milk tea and Bolo Bun, the rest we tried was far from satisfactory, although they  did mention they specialize in curry (which we did not order!).

This is located on one of the small streets along Nathan Road.
We took their daily specials which left us quite unsatisfied. 

This caught my eye while waiting for our takeaways.
Ovocano... just like our Milo Dinosaur!
Do you know I cannot find any restaurants that serve Milo? 

When the whole group was well rested , we set off to Mongkok , Ladies Street for a walk, at the same time settled dinner there.

The rain was a damper once again, and the grannies got quite affected and complained of aches & pain, so we proceeded for dinner at some place that I cannot remember.

First time encountering no baby chair for a meal outside, and with no space for a stroller. Let me tell you, entertaining a little monkey while trying to wolf down my dinner was no fun at all!

Spot my look of displeasure versus his look of mischief. 
I have never been happier to be back in the hotel after dinner. At least J gets space to continue his mischief while I laze around in bed.


I will be back for part 3 of the trip, and I promise it will have more pictures. But before I end off, here's some quick tips after our first day in Hong Kong, if you are travelling with the very young and the old.

1) Choose a hotel that's near to the MTR. Proximity is not good enough. You need to consider the walking distance to the station, and if the station entrance has escalators / lifts. Unless you don't mind hearing your mothers nag at the need to walk too much and to carry the tot plus the stroller up and down the stairs. 

2) Check the weather before confirming a trip. Well, apparently July was the rainy season in Hong Kong. I didn't know better, and till today... I am STILL griping about how the trip could have been much better.

3) Ensure lots a rest in between. Hong kong ain't very elderly nor baby friendly. So, careful planning of the itinerary is essentially to keep everyone happy. Best if you can cab from place to place if you can afford it.