New week, new beginning

It was one exhausting week for this mummy. I had to not only deal with a whiny boy who was down with stomach flu, I had a hubby who was equally sick (and super busy @ work) , and an even more than sick me. So it was triple the puke and triple the pain all around.

To top it up, J was also put into a brand new environment - new school with no friends and I had to deal with all his insecurities which he displayed with tantrums, hunger strikes (only at home) and ultra stickiness. Well, I blogged about this whole changing school business, and let me just say, I have half the mind to move him out , and back to the previous school if need be. That I will cover in another post hopefully later this week.

I took leave last friday as school was closed for Teachers’ Day, and badly wanted to do a mother-son outting which I have not done in ages. But, I seriously needed to just sleep and maybe sneak in a mani/pedi in between.

Grand plans were hit by some really sticky, saliva smelling and mucus filled tot who refused to let me out of his sight. So I continued feeling crap the rest of Friday although it was quite heartwarming to know that I still mean something to him when he apparently loves his papa more.

Jealousy aside, we knew that J needed oodles of TLC. Loads and loads of them. So, the weekend was spent doing just that. He was visibly happier by the end of Sunday, and he went to bed without any fussing.

This episode reminded me to how we tend to be so absorbed with work and our own discomfort that we often neglect the people around us.

With this, I am going to make sure we keep to our promise to

1) Spend quality time outdoors with J, which also makes for the time we nurture his interest in nature and use the great outdoors as a classroom to teach him whatever he can learn.

2) Not forgetting our other half. After J went to bed last night, the hubs and I spent time snuggling in bed catching up on our drama serials till we both fell asleep. Not the most romantic night out, but it felt good just spending time chatting and basically doing nothing.

As a new week unveils itself, I see it as a new beginning for us to rewind, undo what we should not have done the previous week start all over again.

Are there anything you wished you could do more? Start doing them now!

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