Weekend exploits #1 - Farmart and Qian Hu Fish Farm

Now that the little man is more active and curious of his surrounding and seriously all over the place, the hubby and I are making a conscious effort to take him outdoors every weekend.

For a start, we took J to Farmart and Qian Hu Fish Farm  over the long national day weekend.

I was quite excited to let J get up close and personal with some farm animals at the animal corner on Farmart. However, the place was quite a disappointment as we didn't get to see many farm creatures at all, unlike what its website says. Maybe it was a public holiday?

Despite that, I think J had fun just being able to roam around and play with the parrost and the rabbits on site.

Fascinated by the prawns in the pool while Papee explains to him what the uncles were doing. 

Attempting to touch the parrot that suddenly flew and landed on Papee's shoulder. 

Taking an interest in the birds that looked so much like the birds in his picture book. 

Wanted to pat the rabbits which I did not allow, for fear of him causing unnecessary chaos. Don't you think they look really adorable here? 

After just under an hour at Farmart, we decided to pop over to Qian Hu Fish Farm, which is a 3-min drive away. If you are an avid fish lover, you would probably have visited Qian Hu for you aquarium needs at some point.  You will find endless rows of fish tanks, with various breeds all properly labeled and priced.

After our trip to the SEA Aquarium some weeks back, J is seemingly excited to get acquainted with the different breeds of fish friends especially the Luo Han fish.

It is a pity that J is still a tiny tot, otherwise, I would have allowed him to partake in some longkang (drain) fishing at Qian Hu's  in house pond. When he is older perhaps!

Nonetheless, it was a great day out for the little one! 

"Hello there! Have I seen you before somewhere?" 

" Ohhhh No!! Did you bump you head on the glass? Take care of that baluku ok?" 

For those who are keen to visit, but do not drive, there's complimentary shuttle service to Qian Hu Fish Farm at Choa Chu Kang bus interchange. Shuttle service to Farmart is also available at the bus stop opposite Lot 1 Shopping Mall at a nominal fee of $1.

Off to West Coast Park the next time....till then, happy midweek everyone!

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