Toddler SOS by Jo Frost - Review & Giveaway

With J showing signs of being in his terrible twos (a little early for that matter), I often find myself looking around for information to help deal with a seemingly difficult toddler. As much as I want to still  call my 15 month old a bub... it is hardly possible with the types of behaviors he displays these days.

I googled. I spoke with parents. I scoured through books. All in hope of finding our parental solutions to a hyperactive toddler. 

I was gifted with  Jo Frost's recently launched book , Toddler SOS, and this book has been a great help that I now keep it by my bed, referring to it when I have a hard day with J.

For those who are unaware, Jo Frost is a popular nanny in the UK and the US, and is the person behind the popular series Supernanny. While she does not have any children of her own, she has worked with babies and toddlers for a good 22 years.

Jo Frost's Toddler SOS was written to help parents like myself who finds managing the toddler years, which in my opinion can be the most frustrating years, a challenge.

Quoting Jo: "Children's brains are like blank canvases and we paint the picture. We do that not only by teaching, but through leading by example."

We as parents therefore need to play an active role in ensuring our children come out of the trying toddler years better able to communicate not only to us, but others around them.

Whatever the situation is, the key take aways I had were

1) To remain consistent in how we manage any situations. Repetition helps to drill into the child what's the correct behaviour to have. More importantly, it is for us to demonstrate the very same behaviour.

2) When the child acts up, they are often not doing it against us. It is their curiosity and their inability to articulate their needs that gets the better of them. So, approach their tantrums with a willing heart. Willingness to help them out of it.

3) Patience. Patience. Patience. This is perhaps the toughest for me.  I have a short fuse, so nowadays when I feel like I am sitting on the edge, I will constantly remind myself that this will all soon pass.

The good thing about the book is how it was written.

Jo presented her advice in the form of scenarios. This means, we do not really need to read through to the entire book to find what's most relevant to us.

At the same time, it gave me the reassurance that I am definitely not the only parent going through this "love-hate" relationship with my toddler.

The scenarios covered are quite exhaustive. It ranges from dealing with temperaments to how to potty train with ease. Sleep training and even dealing with unacceptable behaviour during meal times are also covered. So, solutions are definitely meant for toddlerhood and beyond

Need some advice on how to manage your boisterous little one? Why not grab a copy of Jo Frosts' Toddler SOS from a major book shop near you.

The book is retailing at S$24.90.

Good News! 
I have a copy of "Toddler SOS" to GIVEAWAY!

All you need to do is indicate your interest by leaving a comment on this post. Tell me "what is the toddler behaviour you find hardest to manage". Don't forget to leave me your name and email address (otherwise, how do I contact you right?) 

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Submissions close on 12 August 2013,  5pm. 

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Disclaimer: I was gifted with the book  "Toddler SOS" for purpose of this review. Opinions are 100% my own.