The bub visits Hong Kong - Part One

At 14 months old, J has already traveled to 2 countries. What a lucky bub tot he is.

After weeks of deciding whether we should be going to Hokkaido for a tour, or Tokyo or Club Med at Phuket, we finally settled on Hong Kong because I am familiar with the place. Moreover, we were bringing both J's maternal & paternal grannies along, so Hong Kong seemed like just the right place with all the right food and shopping options. :) Yes. Brave soul I am.

While I was excited because I was dying to get out of the country, there was apprehension as well. Most trips with the grannies don't end well with one or the other getting upset over one things or another. So, I was really crossing my fingers that all will go well this time.

In brief, the trip did not end up the way I planned as it rained out on us, and I did not really plan for many indoor activities as grannies are not great shopping enthusiasts like me. Or at least not the mall kind of shopping.

Disappointed I was. But when I looked back at the holiday while penning this down, the extended hours spent in the hotel, just lazing, watching TV and playing with the tot was precious time which I wouldn't have traded it for anything else. Although... I must add, he in usual Jonas fashion, wasn't the easiest to manage. That's my favourite boy for you.

Self entertain when stuck indoors

When there's nothing to do... EAT! Best entertainment ever

The flight
It was budget this time around. We figured since he was not entitled a bassinet despite being an "infant"  it makes no difference whether it's a full-fledged carrier or a budget one.

We soon realised that it's either we go all out, or pay for another seat just for him on budget. With an attention span of an average of 10 minutes or less, there was a need to constantly find things to entertain the prince. The flight there wasn't too bad as he slept for close to 2 hours before the monster in him came alive. The flight back to here made him the terror of the plane (aka Terrorist on board!)

Oh... I must add, that the experience I had on the journey to HK was made extremely unpleasant with folks of a certain nationality who have absolutely no sense of personal space.

Just look for J's expression here and you can sense mischief up his sleeves.

Terrorist on board!

Next time (the hubs was hesitant to commit to a next time), I am getting him his own seat. Period.

The Hotel
I much prefer a full service hotel when I travel with the boy, but it does not need to be five stars or whatsoever. As long as I get the service I need, I am happy. Childless, I would love to try new boutique outfits.

So for this trip, we settled for Eaton Smart , Hong Kong. Newly renovated, part of the Langham Group of Hotels, nice friendly staff except for the housekeeping lady who was a real grouch. So, it was overall a pleasant stay. They acceded to our request for having connecting rooms, allowed us to check in early and there were people dishing out bottled water while we check in. Nice touch.

Reason for the choice of hotel :

1) Has a shuttle bus from the Airport Express station. Travelling with both the young and the old , we needed to get to our destination in the fastest and most convenient fashion. So choosing a hotel that's easily accessible from the airport express was key. You can find out which hotels are accessible by the airport express' shuttle service on the MTR website.

2) It's a full service hotel that's friendly on the pockets. I have always been a fan of unique boutique type hotels, but with the little one in tow, I rather choose convenience over experience. On days that I get lazy, it is nice to just either ring for room service or take a quick meal in the hotel's premises. It is helpful when I can call for porridge to be cooked for the boy.

3) It's minutes away from Jordan MTR station. Well, it is definitely a walkable distance. But with the rain plus the crowded bumpy sidewalks and the heavy tot, it felt like forever just to get to the MTR. So, you make the choice. If all else remains constant, and there are other choices closer to the MTR, then I would go for that.

4) Free WiFi. I cannot go without internet, even if I am on a holiday. Free WiFi is almost a requirement when I search for holiday accommodation. And, let me just add... Eaton had good wifi signal in the rooms. And if you require a stronger signal, there is an upgrade option.

5) Clean & newly renovated rooms, with reasonable sized toilets in Hong Kong standards.

All in all, a very satisfied stay at Eaton especially so when we were stuck indoors most times, I enjoyed the comfort the property had. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to take pics.

"Hello! I am a figurine watching guests going about their day at the lobby of  Eaton Smart."

Have you been to Hong Kong? So what do you look for when you book your accommodation?

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