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Focusing on the positives

We just came back from our holiday in Hong Kong, and it was a vacation that didn't quite feel like one.  All plans on what to do, where to eat etc did not materialize because it rained out on us. More on the trip in the following weeks.

While I did feel disappointed at some point, on hindsight, being away from home, gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with the hub & bub.

More importantly, it allowed me the luxury of time to reflect on things that have been bothering me for some time.

1) WORK:  It's been some time since I openly blogged about my work. Days leading up to the trip was demoralizing, where I repeatedly questioned my own ability and whether I am cut out to continue doing what I'm doing.

The amount of things to look into while on a holiday made me wonder if i should cancel the trip altogether. On the flip side, the trip taught me (once again) to learn to let go. Allow others to take control although part of me knows the project will not turn out the…

SEA Aquarium Review - RWS Marine Life Park

We took Jonas to the SEA Aquarium last saturday, and he sure had a blast!

I am no fan of visiting tourist attractions on weekends as I cannot deal with crowds. However, with a young boy in tow now, I would have to slowly get used to it.

We got there pretty early, at 10 am, right when the aquarium opened, but there was already a queue forming. The moment we entered, the place was jam packed with people and human traffic was definitely slow-moving.

Crowd aside, the place is huge! While it initially looked liked we have just entered the underwater water world, you will notice the difference lies with the types of fish species you see around you.

J was definitely mesmerized by the sights, going "oooohhh!!! AAAAHHHH!" every time a shoal of fish swam over his head.

The aquarium is home to over 800 over species of marine life, from 10 different habitat zones. Definitely the largest by far. Having been to a couple of aquariums in other countries, the variety of marine animals you fi…

Starting all over again

I made a pretty brave decision this week to start the whole TTC (trying to conceive) process again. To some, that means counting the days, noting when period comes, when's next ovulation, doing the deed and then hoping for the best.

My journey is slightly different.

Mine involves needles, blood work, ultrasounds and whatever else which I cannot remember at this point.

We know we want a number 2, sooner than later given that these fertility issues may escalate with age.

How soon we weren't sure. All we knew was we had a scheduled appointment with Dr Fong to discuss options and just like that, we decided in a split second to go ahead with SO-IUI again... and to do so now.

Only when I paid the $1,000 and walked out of the doctor's office that it hit me that we just made a life changing decision.

While being secretly hopeful that this will be a one try affair like how Jonas came about, I am also mentally trying to prepare myself for the worst. It could take a month... or far l…

Ahoy To The Pittodrie Pirates - A Review

I had the oppprtunity to meet a talented mother, who happened to also be a fellow SC old girl.

Lynette Morrison is a mummy to 3 beautiful kids who left her job as a lecturer to care for them. She spent a considerable amount of time in Scotland before she got married and that's  where the inspiration for these books came about. In fact, Pittodrie House was where Lynette married her husband. How lovely, isn't it?

 The 3 books chronicles the adventures of 5 pirates on their magical ship, the Guppy. The pirates' love for exploration brings them to the islands around their home, and each book in the series sees them meeting new people, trying new things, and more importantly giving them new experiences. These adventures are a reflection of what every child goes through as they grow up, hungry to try their hands at new things,  and it encourages the reader to use their imagination to undertake what the world has to offer.

As I immersed myself in the books, I was able to pick up …

A walk in the park

After being stuck in the house for most of Saturday because Mummy was sick, J couldn't be happier to be out exploring the neighborhood.

We took an evening walk last Saturday to Little Guilin, and it is definitely a gem of the west, often forgotten by many.

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Mom enough

Dear Jonas

The week was particularly tough.

It's been a long time since you cried inconsolably, with all your might. Nothing we did was able to stop you. you had your own plans. You were determined to test the boundaries, and you knew you had to win. Great to know you inherited my tenacity, although you applying it at perhaps the wrong things.

This went on day after day. In school and at home.

At the peak of all the drama, I broke down as I did not know what else I could do to make you stop. I was made to look like a bad mother in front of your teachers, and I knew I didn't want to feel small to you.

When you spotted my teary eyes, you stopped what you were doing, came and lay your head on my lap, like you knew I needed comfort. The only other reason why you ever lay your head on my lap is for me give you assurance of my presence.

This time, it seemed like you are doing the same for me. You wanted to assure me that I am mom enough for you.

That's all I needed to feel bette…

My experience with Drypers DryPants

I do not have live-in help. That means, as a full time working mother, I have lots of chores to do above attending to the needs of my ever active 13 month old. I sometimes dream that the house will be in order at the snap of my fingers, and that the boy will  automically be fed, cleaned and diapered at the end of each day.
One of the things I dislike doing is to change J's diapers, especially at this stage where he cannot keep still on the changing table. He will find every opportunity to run amok butt naked.

Admittedly... it is a joy looking at J running around the house bottomless. But, there are obviously times when accidents do happen, and precious time is wasted to clean him AND the house up (like there isn't already tonnes to do)!

Hence I thought it was time to progress J to pull up diapers, hoping it will spare me the hassle of chasing J all over the house, and save me some time to perhaps just laze in bed with my boys.

I couldn't be happier when Drypers gave me th…