[Giveaway] Personalise your kids' belongings with Muakids

While looking for personalised gifts for kiddy guests coming to J's birthday, I came across Muakids and was very attracted by their personalised name labels and of course bag tags. So, when the bag tags became hugely popular with my mummy friends and their kiddos, I decided to give Muakids' labels a try. 

The Muakids Bag Tag on J's infantcare bag. 

Before that, I have used different types of labels on J's belongings, especially those he had to bring to infantcare. Many did not last very long. Some were not waterproof and had to be changed very frequently. Some could not withstand the heat from the steam steriliser and some just could not stick very well. Those that worked well, came only in one size, thus does not fit well on certain items. 

The labels from Muakids on the other hand comes in various shapes and sizes. They have basic ones, huge deluxe ones and skinny ones. Loved the skinny ones as they fit into those small tight spaces. There are sticker dots, and even one for shoes! Perfect for the pre-school going kiddos. 

My pre-school pack from Muakids with sufficient labels to go around 

How cute these labels are on J's mini crocs. 

The basic ones, fitting nicely on J's sippy cup

The skinny ones fits nicely on the sippy cup's cover. Any other size, and the sticker might not stay on very well. 

You can also create these labels to suit your kids' personality by choosing their favourite colour and icons. Muakids has over 70 icons to choose from, and they constantly look out for cute and unique ones to add to their collection. 

Customisation goes all to the way to the types of fonts used as well. 

Their stickers are also waterproof, tear proof and weatherproof, meaning they can be applied to almost anything.

After using them for a week on J's stuff... they are still pretty much in tact, and no signs of needing a change. So, need I say more? 

Oh! Did I also mention Muakids has iron on clothes labels ? I have not tried them... but will sure do when J  needs to start wearing uniforms to school. 

Service from the friendly folks at Muakids was also very good. They were prompt in their delivery and kept me updated of my order. Just the assurance you need from an online business. So, if you are looking for some pretty stickers to ensure your kids don't lose their belongings in school, why not give Muakids a try? 


Good News!

We have (a) one pre-school pack and (b) one bag tag to give away 

To take part, do the following by 17 June 2013, 1700hrs:

1) Leave a comment or email me with the answer to this question: "What was the font used on Jonas' name labels?" Remember to leave me your email address and indicate whether you want (a) or (b). 

While not mandatory, it would be nice if you could also: 

1) "Like" the Muakids Facebook page
2) Share this giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter (the share buttons are at the bottom of this post). 

Disclaimer: I received a set of Pre-school value pack from Muakids for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% mine. 
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