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Living Healthily

It hasn't been a good few months especially in terms of my health & well being.

I have been getting regular tension headaches. Doctor is monitoring me for hypertension. Post pregnancy weight has not gone away. This is the heaviest I have been in my entire life (so far).

I haven't been at my best. I haven't felt my best in a long time.

It sure doesn't help when this whole work life balance thing seems rather out of reach.

Yesterday when the doctor says he needs to monitor me as my blood pressure is unusually
 high. I felt my heart sink. I am too young to get high blood pressure, and we are about to start on the cycle to conceive again.

So, I am rather determined ( after umpteen times of trying) to make an improvement to my health. I am going to give myself a month to

1) Bring my blood pressure down
2) Bring my weight down


Being less stressed at work. It is just work right? No use sweating over it. Eating healthy. To be honest, I have always been quite careful with…

One is the the new two

Since J turned one, feedback of him hitting his friends and teachers became more frequent.
He does not hit us at home, but his quick temper and occasional tantrums were not uncommon. Rightly pointed out by his teachers, frequency of such behavior has increased after he became a year old.
Well, it bothers me... a lot! It is like the terrible twos came earlier than expected. And of course, it bothers me more that I cannot be around him guiding him along. Granted he is at the stage where he is more aware of what goes on around him, his curiosity leads him to do things that usually gets him into trouble. Remove him from danger, he screams and wails. Take things away from him, be prepared to face the fury of the dragon.

His lack of patience is what usually causes the whole slew of tantrums and tears. While some may say, this will pass as he is only a year old, we want to actively do something to nurture, teach J the right things and tame the dragon if i may add.

I sometimes wonder where…

The new Capella Cony S230T-13: What do you look for in a stroller?

Just like how some men love their cars, I have a thing for strollers.

They must first look pretty. If they don't pass the "look" test, then they don't come close to being on my list for consideration.

I am superficial like that. :)

Confession: We have two strollers at home. Our first being an umbrella fold one that weighs about 7kg. It is a great, sturdy pram. Liked it, still do. However, as I tend to bring J out on my own pretty often, I psyched Hwa into getting me a light weight one so I can handle the boy, carry the diaper bag, get in and out of the cab plus open and close the stroller all on my own. We loved the light weight one a lot... and it has followed us everywhere, including to our first family trip overseas. 

All good things must to come to an end. J grew too long  big too soon. He started to looked like a giant in our favorite stroller, and sleeping in it was becoming quite a challenge 

Thankfully, I was presented with a swanky new Capella stroller just wh…

Results of the Muakids Giveaway!!!!

Congratulations to.......
Angeline Sim (10) and Regina (6) for winning the Muakids Preschool Pack and Bag Tag respectively! 
I will be contacting you soon on how to redeem your goodies! :)

Yes. I am a lazy parent

Since J turned one, there are increased comments around certain habits of the boy.

"You are one now, you should stop using the pacificer.' " It's time to throw the tutu out. He is too dependent on it"  " Why is he still sleeping with you? He should be sleeping in his own room ..."

We started giving J the pacifier when he was about 2 months old as we needed sleep to keep sane. The good it does is simply magic, so much so that J is rather addicted to it today. I have sometimes joked that it is akin to his oxygen mask, one that keeps him very much the boy we know him to be. 
Jokes aside, it can be quite disturbing to find him always looking for the pacifier for comfort, and as most parents would be, I was am bothered by the fact that sucking on the dummy too long, too often may affect the growth of his teeth. True or not, I don't know. What I do know is, as of now, his teeth are not growing out very straight.

Then there is the concern from well meaning …

[Giveaway] Personalise your kids' belongings with Muakids

While looking for personalised gifts for kiddy guests coming to J's birthday, I came across Muakids and was very attracted by their personalised name labels and of course bag tags. So, when the bag tags became hugely popular with my mummy friends and their kiddos, I decided to give Muakids' labels a try. 

Before that, I have used different types of labels on J's belongings, especially those he had to bring to infantcare. Many did not last very long. Some were not waterproof and had to be changed very frequently. Some could not withstand the heat from the steam steriliser and some just could not stick very well. Those that worked well, came only in one size, thus does not fit well on certain items. 

The labels from Muakids on the other hand comes in various shapes and sizes. They have basic ones, huge deluxe ones and skinny ones. Loved the skinny ones as they fit into those small tight spaces. There are sticker dots, and even one for shoes! Perfect for the pre-school going ki…

A new home for the blog

I have taken the plunge and moved this blog to a new domain. is where we will now reside.

This is the first step on my part to spend a little bit more time on this space.

I have been blogging for 7 years now, often in an "off-and-on" fashion. But, as I progress in my life, with a growing family by my side, I find myself mumbling under my breath so often that I think it's best to document these mumblings here.

Well... managing the Old Boy and Young Man does result in me being a little insane on most days.  At least people listen to me here, and my mumblings do make some sense.

SO... there you go! Meeningfully will be putting meaning to all mum things and mumblings I have to share. Do stay tuned to my first giveaway coming very very soon!