Penang - Kebaya Restaurant at Seven Terraces

Last weekend, I joined my lovely colleagues in Penang for a company offsite. 

I almost gave this trip a miss as J was down with fever and flu few days prior. Somehow, I decided on a compromise of going only for a night instead of 2... which was a fortunate thing, else I may have missed out on what I thought was my best meal in 2013 thus far. 

The Kebaya Restaurant  is part of the Seven Terraces, a boutique hotel set in a row of refurbished Peranakan terrace houses, in the heart of Penang's World Heritage site. 

Walking through doors was akin to stepping back into the time of the "Little Nonya", and having spent 4 years of my life in a Peranakan school, being in this space was like going back in time. 

The restaurant serves up 4-course Peranakan set meals of your choice, quite like all western fare with an appetiser, followed by your mains of one protein and one greens, ending with a dessert. You will notice their food comes with hints of influence from Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. 

As we were a group of 12 pax, the nice people @ Kebaya served up all the dishes on their menu, without us needing to each choose a set. We were obviously gastronomically delighted. Here are some of what they had to whet your appetite.

Strong Peranakan Influence

Banh Xeo 
Crispy wafers stuffed with shredded chicken, beansprouts, crispy tofu, dried shrimp, julienned carrots and a tamarind sauce

Duck Confit cooked with Orange and Plums

Leg of stewed lamb

Grilled Snapper with spiced paste

Soft Shell Crab with Mango and Pomelo Salad

Prawn in Curry

This is super yummy! This roast pork just melts in your mouth

Tang Yuan with coconut and gula melaka

Gula Melaka Mousse

I wished I took pictures of all the dishes, which was really a challenge since I was also trying to get my spoon into everyone of them.  I would say, if you happen to be in Penang, around Georgetown, perhaps sick of streetfood, do remember to visit Kebaya Restaurant for a little tummy indulgence. I am quite sure they will not disappoint. 

Courtyard between the hotel lobby and the restaurant

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  1. We always visit our relatives in Penang and rarely eats in restaurants, its always street food for us! We missed them and would not miss it for anything.

    Thanks for showing another side of Penang food :)

  2. I love the street food as well! Don't think my one night in Penang did any justice... so Hubz and I are already planning to visit the place again. Will ask for food recommendations from you soon! :)

  3. The food looks mouth-wateringly good! Esp the duck confit and stewed lamb leg!! I am so bookmarking this place when we next return to to Penang :) Thanks for sharing!


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