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An outlet away from daily routine

Some close knit friends and colleagues know me as the person who can make jewellery. Not a widely known fact by many, but at the moment I like it the way it is.

How it started

In 2009, I told my husband that I wanted to start my own online shop. Selling what, I didn't know. So, we took a trip to Bangkok, hit the wholesale market and came back with stuff. Literally S-T-U-F-F... everything and anything that we thought we could sell. As a marketer, on hindsight, what I did back then was a joke. No strategy, no goals... don't even know what we were selling.

It was the point in my life where I needed something to keep me busy when I am not at work. The man had his x-box which he didn't seem tired of till this day. I had my dramas, but that wasn't enough. And of course, this was the time when we were actively trying to conceive to no avail.

The website started.. and it is a full fledged e-commerce one no less. Thanks to the man for patiently and meticulously setting it up. It…

Photo Heart Fridays - Buddies They Will Always Be

Always love how these two can stay on the couch for a good part of a lazy morning. Buddies they will be for life.

Kidz Amaze - SAFRA Toa Payoh

Since J learnt to crawl, I have been meaning to bring him to an infant/toddler play gym. Oh well... I procrastinated till last Saturday.

We went to Kidz Amaze @ SAFRA Toa Payoh really to check out their party rooms. YES! J is turning 1 in less than 2 months. After much deliberation, we decided to have a party for him since his 1st month party was a very low-key affair.

Unfortunately, the rooms are fully booked for the weekend before his birthday, so it was back to the drawing board for us.

Since we were already there, we thought might as well let him have his first adventure at an indoor playground.

Kidz Amaze is SAFRA's unique indoor playground, that first landed at their Jurong clubhouse some years back. 2007 if my memory did not fail me. Highly popular with older kids (or so I assume looking at the crowd there) and I can see why. The latest outlet at SAFRAToa Payoh spreads around 12,700 square feet and features a unique scavenger hunt attraction where kids and their parents ca…

Mom made tough

Had the urge to write this after a tiring week dealing with a sick baby and the endless amount of work that requires my attention.

Nothing very dramatic, just trying. Perhaps a sequel to my post of being a FTWM.

In my last post, I mentioned that J had a persistent fever that started last Friday night, and this was after we visited his regular pediatrician for cough & flu earlier that evening.

When the fever did not subside and spiked to over 40 degrees on Sunday, we took him down to KKH, hoping they can make him feel better. What we were not expecting was to be told to go home after they administered him with some paracetamol. We were actually told not to rush the kid down if he hasn't had fever for more than 5 days. Well, if any of you have been to the Children's A&E at KKH, you cannot really blame them for saying so because there are just too many kids waiting in queue. But then, which parent wouldn't want their sick child to feel better , and no sickness or symp…

Wordless Wednesdays: Please be well

Sneaking in to put up a post today after 5 days of battling fever yo-yo with J.

Poor baby started having slight fever last Friday night, and his temperature has been consistently been at about 38 degrees. Can't be away from work any longer, hence he is now with Granny.... hopefully it gets better today...else it is off to the hospital again tonight.

Super exhausted.... so praying for strength to get through the day.

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FTWM: Guilty as charged

On the day a group of us decided to each do a post on our lives as FTWM (that's Full Time Working Mom in case you are wondering), I was close to tears at my desk.  It was already 5pm and the prospect of me NOT taking work home for the 4th time in the week was bleak.  The very same evening, J's IFC teacher asked me whether I was expecting my number 2 because J's recent behaviour in school suggested he may be slightly neglected or may need to share the attention he is getting from us with another. My heart broke.  Last night, J refused to let me feed him...he screamed when I came close to him and threw a hissy fit. On the other hand, he sat quietly and allowed my mil to feed him. I felt helpless.  These, and many other instances, make me question myself time and again if I am not doing enough to love and nurture this precious gift. There were times when I felt angry with myself for not being there for J. The time he first started to crawl, the time he fell and knocked his hea…

Keeping my sanity

9 months into my lifelong career as a mommy has certainly changed the way I view things. It isn't the easiest of jobs, much less glamourous, although some yummy mummy down the street with perfectly set hair and flawless complexion may beg to differ. Oh well.... only if!
Keeping a full time job adds to the pressures of being that perfect mummy, or at least the mummy I want to be. One can expect the frustrations to sometimes reach a high, when in normal (non-mummy) circumstance would have found me spitting fire at anyone that came too close. 
These days, the wonders of motherhood has somewhat changed the way I handle difficult situations. It does come with some daily rituals. Here's how i keep myself sane each day juggling work, boy (boys if you count the man), home, parents ( and the in-law) and not forgetting the hobby. And, these are  key to ensure I don't go home grumpy and all, lest I spoil the evening with the boys.

1) Drink Up
I always make sure I am well hydrated. I…

Beautiful Mama Blog Awards

Here's a big thank you to Maddie from Mommy's Boy Musings for nominating me for this award. It came as a surprise, a pleasant one no doubt since I have always been pretty quiet in the mommy blogging space. :)

It is always nice to know that people do read my blog, and find it interesting to want to continue reading it. Having been able to be part of an exclusive mom blogging community has made me realise that there are so many of us going through a similar journey, and there's so much to learn from one another.  So.. thank you once again Maddie!

The three things I love about motherhood are

1) To be able to laugh and act silly without anyone judging;
2) To be that someone he looks forward to seeing at the end of each day;
3) To be able to love without any boundaries. are some of the mommies I feel are also very deserving of this award:

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How to accept the award Ladies, to …