What's in my diaper bag...

Many friends and family members who have helped me carry my diaper bag before often say the same thing to me..."WAH! Why so heavy?!"

I do admit my diaper bag is huge, and it is definitely not on the light side. Blame it on my kiasu-ness... rather than end up not having what I need when I need... it's best to just bring everything! Well... here's a peek into what's in my diaper bag, and I let you be the judge if I am bringing too much!

My trusty MamaRoo Diaper bag. No zips to allow for easy access to things while on the go.
I changed many bags before settling for MamaRoo. The size is just right for what I need to bring, and it does look quite chic to carry around! Well... to be honest, I feel I am running out of space... so perhaps that gives me excuse to look for a new bag.. (again?!... I hear the man exclaim.)

Diapers....one of the essentials. 
One thing I will never leave home without would be Burger boy's diapers, even if I am only going out for a short while. I am always afraid that Burger might poop and I will not be have anything for him to change into. Worst if his poop overflows and stinks up the whole place......and I always make sure I have at least 4 diapers properly packed. One can never be too prepared for the worst bowel movements.

Milk bottles and milk powder. 
Milk bottles, portions of formula milk and small flask of hot water
I stopped breast feeding pretty early... when the boy was about 3 months old. So, formula milk was his staple.  We always make sure we bring enough formula milk to keep his tummy full...and just in case we stay out longer than we planned to. 3 empty bottles help to ensure we have one for him to take sips of water.... and the other 2 for milk. Yes.. I know... these take up a lot of space in the bag. Oh well... not much of a choice when I have a hungry hippo with me. 

The boy is interested in all things he can put in his mouth to chew, to crunch....basically to keep himself busy. Yup... you heard right... food keeps my not so lil one busy. While it is not best practice... we tend to stuff tidbits in his mouth when he seems to be a handful in public. It is a sure win for us to keep him quiet (for about 3 min?!)

Sophie, his bean bag, extra set of clothes , bibs & hankies.
Toys and extra set of clothes
We always change the toys that goes into the diaper bag when we go out. When I took this pic, it happened to be Sophie the Giraffe which is also currently Burger boy's favorite as it keeps him less cranky by soothing his sore gums.

A blanket to keep him warm when we visit air-conditioned malls.
An essential item with many uses. It helps keep the boy warm in air-conditioned places... it is also  used to block the sun from his face in the car. I sometimes use it to cover his head when it starts to drizzle. Perphaps if i run out of diapers one day, I can use it as a temporary nappy too! :)

Baby toiletries
Wet wipes are a must! Something so simple with multiple uses! That small little container of cream you see in the top left of the picture is Burger boy's "miracle" calendura cream.... we use it in case he gets any rash...be it on his bum... or his face... or any part of his body. 

Diaper changing mat

Diaper changing mat and Umbrella
I always make sure there is an umbrella in all my frequently used bags, especially when Singapore's weather is getting more and more unexpected. It helps to keep the boy dry when we are caught out in the rain.


Then of course, I will squeeze in my wallet, mobile phone and keys into one of the zipped up compartments, oh, and not forgetting extra ziplock bags to keep soiled clothes, bibs or hankies. 

Now.. that makes up my diaper bag... Is that a lot of stuff? 

Here's a list of mummies who have shared what's in their bags. What about you? What's in yours?


  1. The trusty ziplock! What would we do without them! :)

    1. Yah! In all sizes some more.... how convenient!

  2. Anonymous10:20 am

    Yeah! Found another mummy who is as Kiasu as me. Hahaha...

    1. But I think it will get better as they grow older... but your second child is already a toddler right?

  3. It gets better when they eat solids, are toilet trained. In the past, my bag used to be HUGE too :)

    1. Oh yes! I do think it will get better too! For now.. i am quite happy with the bag.. coz looks quite a fashion statement too... haha


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