Saying Goodbye...

Burger's favourite teacher has left, and I am pretty disappointed at the way it was handled.

I am not sure about other infant care centers, since this is the first time, and the only centre Burger has ever been to. 

The infant care centre actually assigns a teacher to three kids , and these teachers will be responsible for the development of their assigned babies. I personally think this is a pretty cool system, as for a parent, I would know who I can look for to catch up on my son's development. This also meant that Burger was exceptionally attached to his assigned teacher who I refer to as A here. He loves her so much that when she was the one to hand him over to me at the end of each day, he would hug her with all his might, and almost every time sometimes ignore me. This is not the case if it was the other teachers who had to do the honours. In such circumstances, Burger will usually be kicking and squealing in excitement for me to hold him in my arms. 

On a positive note, I attribute his attachment to his teacher to the fact that he is loved by her. Something I am pretty thankful for. However, when she left, I expected the school or someone from the centre to  to at least inform me in advance that there will be someone new assigned to my boy. But... no... they did not.

To be fair, the new teacher did introduce herself to me on her first day, and I have no doubt my son will take to her quite quickly. Having said that, my first question is... why only when the change has happened that they told us parents, and make it sound so matter of fact.

What prompted me to write this post is when on hindsight, I sensed something was "amiss" when I picked Burger up on Teacher A's last day. It seemed like teacher A had something to say to me but held back... and the amount of time she spent chatting with me about Burger... giving Burger a big bear hug was just not usual.

So, I wonder if it is a rule of the school to keep mum of such changes? Or, am I missing out on any terms and conditions when I signed Burger up for care with the centre.

Perhaps, it is a way to teach babies at such tender age that there will be many instances in life they will need to say good bye to people and things around them...but then again... should this not have been handled properly?

Does anyone have experience to share? Would love to hear them!

By the way... I still think the teachers at  Burger's school are good and dedicated... I am just perplexed at why the leaving of teachers are kept with such silence. Don't we have the right to know way beforehand?

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