Yay...to a Brand New Week!!

After a lousy week of dealing with flu & migraine, as well as a flu-ey(& thus ultra fussy) baby, I am glad for a brand new week to work on what I have set out to do.

Last week started with me having a bad sore throat that developed into flu. To top it up, my wisdom tooth gave me a week long migraine. It was really my body telling me that I needed to rest. It did not  help when Burger Boy had an allergy attack at the same time,  which came with cough, nasal congestion and rashes.  So dealing with these made me very exhuasted, and I took it out on the Hubz. I blamed him for not helping enough, for always leaving Burger Boy to me to care for. I even blamed him for making me fat with all those late night dinners he bought home.  Those mindless lashing at Hubz did not make me feel better especially when he tucked me into bed each night with a kiss. It make  me feel super lousy!

And, whenever I see that cheeky smile on Burger Boy's face despite being unwell, made me guilty for taking things out at his PaPee.

So, before I went to bed last night, I told myself that each day is a new day. We should face it with positivity rather than look for someone or something to blame when things don't go our way.

Thus....I am happy to say...I took the first step today (again!) to lose my stubborn kilos by taking an evening jog.

At the same time, I am taking part in my first ever linky as part of my "quarterly" resolution of wanting to spend more time on my blog.

Things are slowly... but surely looking good! Yay!

How about you? How has your Monday been?

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I got to get back to my vertical marathon training too! Lets jia you together.


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