Resolution for the next 6 weeks

I am due back to the office in six weeks time. So while Jonas is snoozing away on this hot arvo, I thought why not "un-vaccum pack" my pre-pregnancy clothes and see if they all fit.  On hindsight... what was I thinking?! Did i seriously think with 7kg more to lose, I can fit into my favourite frocks and pencil skirts?!

Oh well... without a doubt, i started getting all whiny to Hwa over whatsapp on how fat and ugly I am now.... and what if the 7kg does not want to barge and is here to stay! Kudos to the man who was patient enough to reassure me, and even called me over lunch to provide whatever comfort he could to me.

Anyway... since this is the first time in my life where my BMI says "overweight" , I am pretty anxious to get rid of the extra kilos.... hence I have resolved to start an exercise regime from next week, with the man, provided our plans does not get hijacked by the little terror who till this day still throws us curve balls, when we thought we had him all figured out!

Here's what I think I will do:

1) Run at least 2 times a week. In fact I have started this monday. That's all I could manage for now, but i think it will improve as I go along.


2) Yoga / Pilates at least once a week. I still have my Amore fitness membership watiting to be reactivated.

3) At least 100 crunches everyday. Best thing to do before I take my nap when Jonas is having his.

Are there any other activities you can suggest for time stretched new mummies like me? Care to share?






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    1. Haha.... i know u miss me a lot lah... but seriously... i am starting to like staying home! ;p

  2. Anonymous6:50 am

    My dear, breastfeeding is 600 calories a day. Just limit your food intake can already. And don't eat after 8pm. Guarantee lose even more than 7 kgs. Plus, you're looking after Jonas... that's a lot of calories too! - Lis.

    1. babe... i have stopped breastfeeding... :( BF not quite working out...

  3. Take walks with Jonas in the pram or in the sling. Or better still, sling him and climb the stairs. When you're back, join the running club with us and we'll go running after work together.

  4. Hey Susan, yeah.... was carrying Jonas in a sling today and realise that he can be weights as I do evening walks. Yup... will also defo join you gals on your weekly runs... but must start building up my stamina again.


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