My first visit to Stellar @ 1-Altitude

Today, I had the opportunity to dine at Stellar, 1-Altitude, at the kind invitation of the people from BT Invest.

I have been wanting to  chill out at 1-Altitude, but somehow , plans to spend a friday evening with girlfriends there always seem to fall through.  While this work event is at Stellar and not the Gallery, it was my chance to take in the breathtaking view of the CBD while enjoying some happy food... and of course participating in the trade event.

Food was good, and surprisingly, what I enjoyed most was their salad and soup. Salad was  a combination of tiger prawns , romaine lettuce, couscous, promegranate, almond bits (i think) and feta cheese. Crunchiness of the couscous & almond bits with the juciness of the promegranate gave a different taste and texture to what seemed like a normal salad.

I don't think I can do the food justice with what I describe and i wished i remembered to take some piccies. Oh well!

I would love to visit again , next time to have a proper meal with Hwa. But... hopefully their normal lunch/dinner service is better than what i experienced today. Maybe it was an event, it took the kitchen and staff a pretty long time to complete lunch service, and most of us left before dessert was served.



By the way... i look HORRIBLY FAT! I seriously cannot wait to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight... :(