Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note....or....

... should I wait for Galaxy S3 to be launched?

It is no secret that I have a weakness for mobile/smart phones, and i blame it all on my first job @ Starhub. Today, I still blame my current job for my constant want to upgrade my phone.  Being a digital marketer means I need to constantly keep myself up to date with new 'e' & 'm' technology.

After 3 years of being a faithful follower of BlackBerry, I think it is now time to move on to something more snazzy. While I still love the qwerty keypad of BB, and will miss it when I move on, the missing out on all the wonderful apps that other mobile platforms offer greatly outweighs the benefit of being loyal. :)

I am currently quite drawn to the Andriod ecosystem.  Maybe because Andriod is open-source, and the ease for developers to submit apps into the market have made it more attractive, as least compared to the BB. SInce I am not a hardcore corporate climber or a super business woman....then BB will end up being a huge bore.  I need more cool apps to feed my need to constantly be in the social that allows me to blog on the go... and with Beanie on the way.... one that provides me with apps to keep him entertained when we are on the go.

Then some may ask... why not the iPhone. Well... iOS definitely does not have as many free apps as Andriod.... but more importantly, I am already on the MacBook and iPad. I love the experience, but once again... my job urges me to have access to as many different platforms as possible. More importantly.... i think the iPhone screen cannot accomodate my superfat fingers! (kekekeke!) That brings me to my choice of Samsung. I have always liked Samsung mobile phones after trying almost every other mobile brands. The current galaxy series are also bigger than other brands of phone... so isn't my choice obvious?

But... which I should I get?? The Note is tempting with all it features... but I am just worried about getting tired of its size some time down the road. The S2 and the Note both have their merits... but I heard the S3 is coming out soon.... but yet dunno when. Hiah.... decisions, decisions, decisions..... Can someone tell me which?