OMG! #BeautyandtheBeast 3D is coming to cinemas this 22 Mar.

I have always always loved the Disney princess series, and Belle was one of my favorites.

In fact... i loved the Beast even more. He is actually one of the gentlest creature ever, and always often misunderstood. However, when you see how shy and meek he looks around just wanna give him a big big hug! "Swwwooooon"!

I have watched this cartoon countless of times... and I can still picture the part where the Beast preens himself for that dinner date with Belle.... as well as the part where all the crockery and cutlery come alive to welcome Belle as their guest, dancing to the upbeat "Be Our Guest"!

And now.... Beauty and The Beast is returning to movie screens in 3D from 22 Mar. Woohoo!

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